A Chat with Cristina McAllister

What made you decide to become a coloring book artist?

A friend of mine posted an article about the adult coloring book trend on my Facebook Wall about a year and a half ago.  As I read and saw the gorgeous new books and artwork that was becoming popular, it just struck me that I could do this.  In fact, it felt like my twisty path through the art world had perfectly prepared me for this endeavor.

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Color Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle

By Melissa Pierce

I was pretty excited to receive this”color your own jigsaw puzzle” from Vermont Christmas Company as it combines two things I enjoy doing. I used to do adult jigsaw puzzles with my mom, and then the smaller child sized ones with my own children when they were young. This one falls somewhere in between in both size and challenge with the added bonus of being able to color the back side after it has been put together. These puzzles would be fun for anyone who enjoys both medium difficulty puzzles and coloring. It would also be a great family activity.

My puzzle is called “Best Friends Furever” and features cartoon dogs in a cute setting.  The artwork was created by the company owner, Ann Troe. It is 24”x18” and has 300 pieces. The pieces are uniquely shaped and come in many sizes to add to the challenge of the puzzle. The front side is colored for you to help in putting it together. I put the puzzle together by myself, and it took me about three hours to complete. I didn’t have a puzzle mat or convenient table space, so I improvised by using the back of a large dry erase board. After completing the puzzle, flip it over and color the other side. I used a piece of cardboard to help hold it together while flipping it over. Keep reading →

A Chat with Nico Dauk


By Stephanie Anders

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing the lovely Nico Dauk. Nico is an extremely talented gel pen artist. She has the most amazing talent of blending gel pens into breath-taking pieces of art. This talent has awed not only me but her thousands of followers.

When did you discover that you had this talent coloring with gel pens?

Eeeek, firstly, it is hard for me to answer the question because I have a difficult time with the ‘talent’ word, I still have TONS to learn. But, semantics aside, I would say in 2011. Although I have been working with gel pens for about 8-9 years as an art medium, I really started to take my skill with gel pens more seriously about 5 years ago.

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January Featured Colorist

By Stephanie Anders

It’s been another exciting month in Coloring Books for Adults. We’ve had plenty of awesome coloring work flowing through the group feed. It’s like eye candy for eyes that like to munch on color!

Tina Pankuch‘s Autumn Queen from Cristina McAllister”s Coloring Club and also Color On! Magazine. Join Cristina’s coloring club: http://bit.ly/2gxKAiN. You can also find Cristina books on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2gxMdgg

Maija Maltais colored her own work from her upcoming book Bright Flight. Visit Maija on the web. Receive a free coloring page from Bright Flight when you sign up for her mailing list. http://www.maijamaltais.com


Shelly Pfeiffer’s Mind Melt from The Absurd Coloring Activity Book for Adults: Maniacal Confessions of J.A. Early Riser & T.J. Crayons. You can find the activity book here: http://amzn.to/2hqfApm

Crayola Escapes: A Blend of Whimsical and Folksy Designs

By Dixie Ohlander

My local Walgreen’s is convenient and seems to have everything I need, so I shop there often.  Lucky for me, Walgreen’s stocks coloring books and supplies.  While the stock is relatively low, you can still find some great stuff.  A few months ago, I spotted two awesome coloring books, Whimsical Escapes and Folk Art Escapes, on an end cap in the office supplies aisle. I bought one of the books right away.  But I couldn’t get the other one out of my mind, so I went back a few days later and grabbed the last copy. So much for self-restraint!

The books I so eagerly purchased are part of the Crayola Escapes series. The coloring books in this series are products of collaboration between Crayola and Hallmark. The books feature artwork by Hallmark artists. Although geared toward adults, many of the line drawings included are suitable for kids.

In this article, I’ll review two out of the four books in the Escapes series.

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50 Nifty Coloring Pages: An On-the-Go Adult Coloring Book


By Jessica Johnson

As we enter 2017, I’m finding myself becoming busier than ever, but with a lot of that time spent waiting. Waiting at doctor appointments, waiting for meals at restaurants, and even riding in the car or on the train. I’m often on-the-go from morning ‘til night, depending on my schedule. Every day it becomes more apparent that this is a common trend among many other people as well. So, what can we do with all of this wait time?

As a fan of adult coloring books, and a HUGE fan of artist Cristin Frey (full disclosure: I’m on her coloring promo team), I purchased her latest book, 50 Nifty Coloring Pages. It turns out that this book is the solution to my wait-time boredom!

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