Welcome to February


Hello February! The month of hot lips, chocolate kisses, sweet nothings, and the search for coloring gifts from our sweethearts. We dropped enough hints right? Grab your loot and some chocolate too, we have a great issue for you!

We will make your heart sizzle with everything from lovely dresses, bright ballons, adorable cats, inspiration, and a sneak peek of Alice’s Absur’D Search for Sockness. Our feature artist for this issue is Collette Fergus. We also have images from Anisa Claire, GT Artland, Meg Cowley, and Megan Duncanson.

Thank you to our wonderful team here at Color On! Magazine. Thank you Alex Whisman, Jessica Johnson, Kim Bussey, Kristin Fitt, Larry Pierce, Melissa Pierce, and Travis Baribeau!

An Interview with Collette Fergus


THIS MONTH’S FEATURE artist is the lovely Collette Fergus. Collette has drawn five exclusive pictures for this month’s in celebration of the month of love.

What made you decide to become a coloring book artist?

I’ve been an artist most of my life doing mixed media paintings, but when I got diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2015 I had to look at other forms of creativity that I was capable of doing, I started drawing dresses and someone suggested I make them into a coloring book.

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Easy Backgrounds With EzyShaid Pigments – Part 1

By Alex Whisman

When Sue Jordan posted about EzyShaid pigments and a link to her Sue’s EzyShaid Colour Facebook page, my initial thought  was “they look nice, but do I really need another colouring product on top of my pens and pencils??” (“who doesn’t ??” I hear you say).

The answer was yes.  Not only did I need another colouring product, but yes, I needed EzyShaid.

EzyShaid have 2 main products: the coloured “Shaid” pigments and the super-fine “Shimmer” glitter powders.

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Weirdlings & Wildlings: A Fantasy Coloring Book by Shelah Dow


Coloring book review by Jessica Johnson

Do you ever dream about people who are mostly human but have bizarre features? For example, I once dreamt about a man who had hooves for hands and feet and a beak for a nose. What?! Sounds totally weird, right? How about having creatures like this that you can color? That’s exactly what Shelah Dow has created with her book, Weirdlings & Wildlings.

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Johanna Basford Coloring Canvas Review


By Melissa Pierce 

This Johanna Basford coloring canvas held a couple of firsts for me.  It was my first attempt at coloring anything by Johanna Basford. It was also my first attempt at coloring on canvas of any kind. There are 21 different canvases to choose from that come from four of Johanna Basford’s books. The canvas I chose to try was the tiger from Magical Jungle. It has a good mix of larger spaces to practice feeling out the material for marker bleed with enough detail that it doesn’t look plain even without many small spaces.

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February Feature Colorist

By Stephanie Anders 

What a great month we’ve had traveling into a New Year. It’s a wondrous time. We are deep into winter’s magic with thoughts of spring seeping in!  We’re all excited for the month of love as we ponder all the things we love most in our life. February is a month of fantasy, love, and hope. We have had many colored images that capture that spirit pass through the feed of Coloring Books for Adults.

Our Feature Colorists for February are:

Jennifer Rose Shaffer: Jennifer colored an image from Colin Thompson’s Fantastiches Malbuch. You can find Fantastiches Malbuch on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2kxZp7u



Beth Cook: We love Beth’s colored image from Magical Beauties: A Captivating Coloring Book. You can purchase Magical Beauties here: http://amzn.to/2jukVfw



Vermailene Joyce Barrios – We are amazed with Vermailene’s colored image from The Official Outlander Coloring Book. You can find this coloring book on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2kxS33J