Design Submissions

Color On! Design Submission Guidelines, Terms and Conditions


NOTE: This page is specifically regarding coloring page designs. If you wish to submit written articles, video tutorials, or audio interviews, please see our Article Submission Guidelines.

It is currently the policy of Color On! Magazine to accept coloring design submissions at all times. Because of this, it may take several months before we respond to your submission, or schedule it for publication. We do not believe in silent rejections. One way or another, you will eventually get a response.

We currently accept two types of design submissions, “exclusive” designs and “non-exclusive” designs. We do not accept designs that have been made available anywhere as a “free sample.”

You must own all copyright to your design. We reserve the right to refuse offensive or inappropriate content.

Exclusive designs

Exclusive designs have never been previously published. For our purposes, any work that has been posted or otherwise made publicly or easily available is considered to have been previously published. This includes blogs, social media sites (including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter), and artistic sites (including but not limited to Deviant Art and any writer’s community site with open membership), as well as other coloring magazines or books. If you have any questions about this, direct them to

We require all exclusive designs to remain exclusive for a minimum of six (6) months after the release date of the magazine issue in which the design appears. After six months, the design automatically transitions to a non-exclusive design, as specified below.

Prior to publication, if you need to withdraw a submission for any reason, or to inform us of a change in the status of a submission, let us know by sending an e-mail to, and include “Submission change” in the subject line. We check regularly for these messages and will make note of changes immediately.

Non-Exclusive Designs

While we always prefer exclusive designs, so that our readers can have new pages to color, we will accept designs that have previously been published, under the following criteria.

  1. The design has never been published as a “free sample” that anyone can obtain.
  2. Color On! Magazine will be the first magazine to publish the design (first worldwide digital and print serial rights.)
  3. Color On! Magazine retains the right to archive the designs for as long as the magazine exists, so that subscribers can continue to access the designs for issues they have purchased.
  4. Color On! Magazine will be granted permission to include the design in other digital and print collections (worldwide digital and print anthology rights.)

What We Are Looking For

Some magazine issues will not have a theme, and we will accept any type of design submission suitable for a general audience. While our magazine is aimed at the adult colorist, we would like to include a variety of difficulty levels, from beginner through advanced. For specific themes, see below. Please note that since our subscribers will have to have time to actually color the designs, themes are usually a month in advance of what you would expect.

  • January: No specific theme at this time.
  • February: No specific theme at this time.
  • March: No specific theme at this time.
  • April: No specific theme at this time.
  • May: No specific theme at this time.
  • June: No specific theme at this time.
  • July: No specific theme at this time.
  • August: No specific theme at this time.
  • September: No specific theme at this time.
  • October: No specific theme, although we will include some Halloween and/or fall designs. “Spooky” designs will be limited to 5 or 6 in this issue.
  • November: Holiday/Winter theme. Any design that deals with winter or a winter holiday are welcome.
  • December: Our “All Holidays” spectacular! This issue will have designs to cover almost any occasion you can think of during the next year! Romantic designs for Valentines, anniversaries or weddings, Celebration designs for birthdays or parties, spring designs, patriotic designs – there will be a little something for everyone. We will publish 1-2 designs for each “holiday.” For a complete list of the designs needed, send an email to

How to Submit

If you are interested in submitting a design, please send low resolution images in the body of an email to, and include “Design Ideas” in the subject line. Design ideas can be completed designs or idea sketches. If you do not know how to include an image in the body of an email (not as an attachment,) you may also upload it to an online storage location and share a link to the image with us.

NOTE: Due to the possibility of viruses, any attachments to unsolicited emails will be deleted without opening.

Please include the title of the design if you have one, your name (pen name is fine), and number of designs you wish to submit.

Once your design or design idea is approved, you will receive further instructions on how to submit your final design. Final designs should be 600dpi, fit into an 8×10 inch area, in JPG, PNG, TIFF, EPS or PDF file format saved at the highest quality.  The design should be free of any copyright notices, but a small signature or logo stamp in the bottom right corner is recommended. We will add the artist’s name in the page header.

With your final design, please include a web-friendly headshot, and a brief author biography. You may include up to three links to websites in your biography.

What to Expect

After we receive your submission, you will receive a confirmation “thank you” message. We will try to send the confirmation within two weeks. After that, if you are unsure if the submission was received, you may send a query to Please include “Confirmation of design submission” in the subject line.

After that, wait for a response. As stated above, it may take quite some time for us to get to your submission, but you will hear from us.


For accepted submissions, we assert first serial worldwide print and electronic rights (for the uninformed, that is first rights to publish in a magazine.) We also assert non-exclusive rights to archive the work on our website, and to include the work in design collections (non-exclusive worldwide print and electronic anthology rights.) All copyrights remain with the author.

We will make no alteration to your design without your approval. We may make minor alterations,  limited to resizing the design (if necessary) to fit within our magazine’s standard margins.


Featured artists will, in exchange for a minimum of 5 exclusive designs and an artist interview, receive a full page ad in the printable PDF of the magazine. Additionally, a colored version of one of the designs (either provided by the artist, or colored by magazine staff,) will be the main cover image for that issue. Featured artists may forgo the full page ad, and instead receive one (1) annual subscription to the magazine.

Contributing artists (non-featured) may submit up to 2 exclusive or non-exclusive designs per issue. Each non-exclusive design pays for one (1) business card sized ad in that issue. (Therefore, two designs = one (1) quarter page ad.) Each exclusive design pays for one (1) quarter page ad in that issue. (So two designs = one (1) half page ad.) We prefer exclusive designs whenever possible. Contributing artists may forgo the ad, and instead receive the equivalent of a 3 month subscription for each design submitted.

All artists will receive one (1) copy of the issue of the magazine that contains their designs (as an electronic PDF.)

If you submit designs for more than one issue in a given calendar year, compensation is limited to a maximum of one ad in each issue which has one of your designs and one 12 month subscription to Color On! Magazine.