Article Submissions

Color On! Article Submission Guidelines, Terms and Conditions


NOTE: This page is specifically regarding written articles, video tutorials, or audio interviews. If you wish to submit coloring designs, please see our Design Submission Guidelines.

It is currently the policy of Color On! Magazine to accept article submissions at all times. Because of this, it may take several months before we respond to your submission, or schedule it for publication. We do not believe in silent rejections. One way or another, you will eventually get a response.

We do not accept submissions of works that have previously been published, except for book reviews (see below.)  For our purposes, any work that has been posted or otherwise made publicly or easily available is considered to have been previously published. This includes blogs, social media sites (including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter), and artistic sites (including but not limited to Deviant Art and any writer’s community site with open membership). We do accept submissions that are currently under consideration elsewhere, but the final accepted article must be unique to Color On! Magazine. If you have any questions about this, direct them to

If you need to withdraw a submission for any reason, or to inform us of a change in the status of a submission, let us know by sending an e-mail to, and include “Submission change” in the subject line. We check regularly for these messages and will make note of changes immediately.

What We Are Looking For

We accept book reviews, artist interviews, personal stories about how coloring helps with health or other issues, beginner or advanced tutorials, articles about art therapy (especially using coloring,) and any other coloring-related article as long as it fits within the given issue’s theme and is appropriate for a general readership.

Regular Columns

Color On! Magazine has the following regular columns.

Coloring 101: This column is intended for articles on beginner coloring techniques, with simple media such as colored pencils, markers or gel pens. We will also publish video tutorials, although we prefer to always have a written article, with the video simply highlighting or demonstrating the techniques described in the article.

Coloring 201: Articles for this column are for more advanced techniques, such as combining multiple media, using unusual materials, or coloring on unusual materials. Again, video tutorials are welcome as an addition to demonstrate the techniques.

For both Coloring 101 and 201, if video is not supplied, Color On! Magazine may decide to create a video to go with the article.

Book reviews: You do not need to submit a pitch before submitting a book review. You do need to request access to so we can create an account for you on the site. You can request book review account access by sending an email to with “Book Review Access” in the subject line.

Unlike most articles, book reviews may be previously published elsewhere, as long as you grant permission to re-publish the review on Each issue of Color On! Magazine will contain links for all reviews submitted during the previous month.

Artist Interviews: These may be written interviews or audio files (with included transcript.) Generally each issue has a feature length interview with our feature artist. If you are interested, contact us to coordinate with us regarding the artists we wish to have interviewed. We also like to include images of the artist’s work when possible, so keep this in mind.

Letters to the Editor: This page is reserved for all user submissions that don’t fit into an article format – comments on articles in previous issues, photos of cool designs you’ve colored, opinion pieces, etc.

How to Submit

If you may be interested in submitting an article to this site, please send your pitch to, and include “Article Pitch” in the subject line. Article pitches can be a short description of the article topic, or a short outline of the proposed article. For Letters to the Editor, include “Letters to the Editor” in the subject line.

If planning to submit photos, mention it in the email, but wait for us to let you know how to submit images. Due to the possibility of viruses, any attachments to emails will be deleted without opening.

Articles can be of any length, though pieces between 750 and 2500 words are preferred. Once your article idea is approved, you will receive further instructions on how to submit your first draft.

Please include the type of submission, the title of the submission, your name (pen name is fine), and approximate word count.

Please state if the piece you are submitting is currently under consideration elsewhere.

Also, please include a web-friendly headshot, a brief author biography, and your preferred artwork to accompany your work. We may choose to use other artwork at editorial discretion. You may include up to three links to websites in your biography.

You must own all copyright to your submission or correctly cite your sources. We reserve the right to refuse offensive or inappropriate content.

What to Expect

After we receive your submission, you will receive a confirmation “thank you” message. We will try to send the confirmation within two weeks. After that, if you are unsure if the submission was received, you may send a query to Please include “Confirmation of submission” in the subject line.

After that, wait for a response. As stated above, it may take quite some time for us to get to your submission, but you will hear from us.


For accepted submissions, we assert first serial worldwide print and electronic rights (for the uninformed, that is first print rights for a magazine.) We also assert nonexclusive rights to archive the work on our website. All copyrights remain with the author. We request that writers do not publish the piece elsewhere until a minimum of six months after first publication.

We will make no alteration to the content or title of your work without your approval. We may make minor copyediting alterations. These alterations are limited to spelling, punctuation, and formatting.


Letters to the editor do not qualify for compensation.

Book reviews: 1 contributor copy (as an electronic PDF) of the issue in which the book review link appears.

Articles under 750 words: 1 contributor copy (as an electronic PDF) + a 3 month subscription to Color On! Magazine.

Articles from 750 to 1,500 words: 1 contributor copy (as an electronic PDF) + a business card sized ad or a 6 month subscription to Color On! Magazine.

Articles from 1,500 to 2,500+ words: 1 contributor copy (as an electronic PDF) + a quarter page ad or a 12 month subscription to Color On! Magazine.

If you submit more than one article in a given calendar year, compensation is limited to a maximum of one ad in each issue which has one of your articles and one 12 month subscription to Color On! Magazine.