Zoo-dles by Patricia Burke


By Jessica Johnson 

The idea of animals with doodles inside a traced outline is nothing new in the world of adult coloring books. Everywhere you look, you can find books full of the “usual” cats, dogs, horses, and bears, filled with Zen-doodle style artwork for you to color. Artist Patricia Burke took this basic idea and ran far and wide with it into a whole new realm of doodled animals.

In her book, Zoo-dles, Patricia gives us more uncommon animals, such as the axolotl that is on the front cover, or the camel which she lovingly named “Kamal.” She even has completely made-up animals, such as “Ferd the Bird” (see photo) and “Mothara,” a beautifully doodled moth-like figure. In fact, each and every character in Zoo-dles has a name! Some of these include “Olivia” the ostrich, “Shoobie” the shoe-billed stork, and “Sprocket” the ‘mechanical’ owl.

Each page in Zoo-dles gives you a refreshing look at various animals, both real and imagined, a far cry from the typical doodled animal coloring books found on every bookstore shelf. Patricia’s style of doodling is very unique and much different than the typical Zen-doodles seen elsewhere. Nearly all of her drawings are asymmetrical, and her lines and circles are not computerized perfection; they are all carefully hand-drawn.

This coloring book, while it’s marketed as an adult coloring book, is completely family-friendly! Children and adults of all ages can enjoy these fun animals and make-believe characters. Patricia Burke’s unique type of doodling gives lots of creative opportunity to the colorist to make each image truly their own. The pages of the glue-bound book are printed single-sided on 60 lb. paper, and it’s recommended that you place a blotter sheet between pages if using wet mediums to color (ie. markers, watercolors).

In Zoo-dles, Patricia Burke gives a sneak peek of her upcoming books, Hearts, and Floral Fun. Hearts has already been released and is full of unique images in the theme of heart shapes. Zoo-dles is Patricia’s second published adult coloring book, following her wildly popular book Shoe-dles (a great book for shoe lovers across the globe)!

Zoo-dles is available on Amazon, as well as Patricia Burke’s Gumroad store (for digital copies). You can visit her website to view all available books for purchase: www.ColorADoodle.com

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