Why Coloring Matters

By Anisa Claire

Adult coloring exploded back in the summer of 2015. Interestingly, there were quite a few people who had already been coloring for most of their lives but were doing so ‘in the dark’, so to speak. This was for a few reasons, but one of the main ones being that because it was viewed as a child’s activity, there simply were no books on the market to purchase. Well, all of that has changed and thankfully so.
Throughout history, becoming an adult, traditionally, has meant becoming mature, working, taking care of your family, and, basically, forgetting about everything that made you, well, you. Sad, right? Playing with toys, coloring, sitting on the lawn for countless hours watching the clouds pass by all became ‘childish’ and ‘a waste of time’. But why is that?
Children are full of life and energy. They are creative, enthusiastic about learning and excited about life. They live in the moment and wear their heart on their sleeve. A child does what they love simply because they love it. I think there is a valuable lesson here.
As we age, we begin to lose the ‘magic’, as I call it. We become stressed, overworked, overwhelmed, underappreciated and we get bored. It seems, rather than living IN the moment, we are constantly looking into the future and, worse, into the past. We remember when life was good, we dream of when life will be better, but we rarely say, hey, life, right now, is amazing. What happened to us? I’ll tell you what happened… we became adults and we lost the ability to see what is right in front of us. Happiness.
This is why coloring matters. It brings us back to being in the moment. It gets our creative juices flowing and gives us the ability to accomplish something we see as valuable. What is that value? Simply, it is expression of self. We put a little piece of our ‘soul’ (or whatever you would call it) into what we color. We choose pictures that speak to us and fill them with colors we love. It’s an extension of us.
Coloring also allows us to learn, and all humans have a desire to learn and see progress in what they are doing. Coloring does just that. There are many different techniques, mediums, and styles. Often times, coloring and art will expand our horizons, too, and push us to extend our creative acceptance. 
The world is changing and indulging in ‘childish’ hobbies is no longer viewed in the same light as it was fifty years ago. Many adults collect figurines, play games and doodle. We are beginning to see the value in hobbies being rewarding and refreshing. We are beginning to find ourselves again and that is a beautiful thing.
So, go ahead! Get crazy. Do some finger painting, build a sandcastle… be who you want to be. Take time to discover you before it’s too late. Don’t leave this world regretting things you could have easily changed. Live in the moment, and don’t lose your magic.

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