Welcome to the September Issue


September officially heralds autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, with cooler temperatures, trees bringing out their fall colors, and tradition claiming a moratorium on white clothing and shoes. Of course, we at Color On! refuse to bow to tradition, and so our pages continue to be filled with lovely images on a pure white background for you to fill with color.

Our featured artist, Cristin Frey shared five lovely designs with us, and our Mystery Artist has shared a couple designs from his newest coloring book. We also have some wonderful animal designs, some mandalas and abstract designs, and (in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day,) some pirate-inspired pictures for you to enjoy.

Our writers have done their usual amazing job, with another colored pencil skin tutorial, some coloring quick tips, ideas for that sometimes paralyzing experience of choosing your next picture, and more. Don’t forget to let them know what you think – you can comment on their articles online, or leave them a note on our Facebook page at Facebook.com/ColorOnMag!

Remember, we always welcome your feedback, and feel free to send any of your burning coloring questions to coloronmag@gmail.com.

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