Welcome to the August Issue

Welcome to the August Issue


August is a month of back to school shopping, paying those college tuitions, and wondering if our lawns will bounce back from yellow to green due to the extreme temperatures we have been experiencing this summer.

This month we have the perfect coloring get away from your every day August stresses! This is a double feature month for Color On! Magazine. We have Amanda Humann and Delena Britnel as our featured artists. We also have some awesome pictures from artists Damone Heins, Ellen Million, Emma Garside, Krystal Phipps, Marie Kay, Mary Brooks and Sandra Jean-Pierre of Oui Coloring.

We have an awesome team behind Color On! Magazine. A heartfelt shout-out of gratitude to Dixie Ohlander, Erin Price, Jessica Johnson, Kim Bussey, Kristin Fitt, Krystal Phipps, Stephanie Walker, and Travis Baribeau!

Remember, we always welcome your feedback, and feel free to send any of your burning coloring questions to coloronmag@gmail.com

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