Welcome to October

It’s October! The month of lovely pumpkin flavored dishes, coffees, scary masks and candy. Lots and lots of candy fueled children. Which often times leads us to drink more and more pumpkin flavored coffee to keep up. The end result, we smile while smelling the sweet scent of fall in the air while our hair is standing up on end. Let’s face it! October can be stressful! No worries, we can nurture your inner child and relieve you of some of that stress.

Our feature artist is Kristy Wiafe. We have six awesome images from Kristy as well as images from Anisa Claire, Chet Minton, Dani Smith, Katherine Simpson, Mariya Kovalyov, and Marty Woods for a total of eighteen images.

To our Color On! team, Alex Whisman, Kim Bussey, Larry Pierce, Melissa Pierce, and Travis Baribeau, you are the magic that makes the magazine what it is today. Thank you!

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