Welcome to January

Here we are facing a bright and shiny new year. No need to look back over our shoulders at where we were or what we did because it’s a time of new beginnings. It’s full steam ahead into all the wonderful new adventures that life brings us. Yeah, we might forget ourselves and experience a moment of stress, but just pick up your pencils, color, and be still. You will soon remember that we don’t sweat the small stuff, we color instead.

You are going to love our January 2018 issue. Our featured artist is Chet Minton of Long Hare Studios. Chet has drawn five exclusive images for us, and we also have some awesome images from Antonina Kalinina, Alena Lazareva, Julie Thompson, Kelly Horton, Nashana Webb, Stephen Barnwell, and Teri Sherman for a total of 20 images.

To our Color On! team, Alex Whisman, Kim Bussey, Larry Pierce, Melissa Pierce, and Travis Baribeau you made our year so much brighter. We appreciate all your dedication and hard work. Thank you for another wonderful year!

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