Welcome to August

How can it be August already? Summer is slowing slipping away from us. Time to start prepping for the new school year. (insert happy dance here) Yes, it’s time for school clothes shopping and battling your way through the school supply aisles. Mom,  it’s your time too! Grab yourself some of those great priced Sharpie sets and pencil sets. For most the party begins at the end of this month. For those of you that can’t wait, we have your stress relief covered.

Our August feature artist is Ian De Jesus. Ian has drawn for us 5 exlusive images. We also have images from Alex Fizix, James Courtney, Ligia Ortega, Sarah Renae Clark, and Shelly Eartha Simpson.

Thank you to our Color On Team! Alex Whisman, Kim Bussey, Larry Pierce, Melissa Pierce, and Travis Baribeau! You guys rock!

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