Weirdlings & Wildlings: A Fantasy Coloring Book by Shelah Dow


Coloring book review by Jessica Johnson

Do you ever dream about people who are mostly human but have bizarre features? For example, I once dreamt about a man who had hooves for hands and feet and a beak for a nose. What?! Sounds totally weird, right? How about having creatures like this that you can color? That’s exactly what Shelah Dow has created with her book, Weirdlings & Wildlings.

In this coloring book, you’ll find more th

an 30 images of characters from the mind of Shelah, including fairies, dragons and even kittens! Shelah is first a watercolor artist,  and she takes her paintings and creates these line drawings. Her inspiration for these images comes from the way she sees the
real world around her. For example, as she told me in an email, “I may see flowers, photos of butterflies or dragonflies, or photographs and think, ‘Ooh, a floral fairy in ruffles sounds kind of neat!’ So I’ll make that.”


The mixture of whimsy with hints of steampunk, goth and fantasy lends itself beautifully to Shelah’s art, and gives the colorist something very different to color. Many of her creatures have long, thin necks, inspired by dolls she used to sculpt and gives the characters such a uniquely odd stance. There are absolutely no rules to follow when coloring these images, because they are unlike any others that you’ll see in coloring books today.

The book itself is glue-bound with 60 lb. paper, with images on one side of each page. It’s recommended to use a blotter sheet between pages to protect the images on the next page. These pages can be enjoyed by colorists of any skill level – even children! But teens and adults will certainly find the most pleasure in giving color to these beautiful, weird creatures.

Let your mind run wild with Shelah Dow’s Weirdlings & Wildlings, and allow yourself to color with freedom. That’s what art is all about! You may even find these images relate-able to your own world, since they are essentially drawn from real world ideas. Says Shelah, “I think all artists are actually inspired by anything and everything around them. I think we just don’t ever shut that off.”

Weirdlings & Wildlings is available on Amazon, along with her second installment (Volume 2) which she released in December, 2016. You can also find Shelah’s coloring pages in her Etsy shop (search for Shelah Dow), along with other art not available in any book. Her watercolor paintings are also available for sale in her Etsy shop.

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