Translucent Bubbles With a Pastel Background

By Debra Schroeder

What you need:

-Picture that has bubbles on it or picture you want bubbles on
-white colored pencil
-silver colored pencil
-white gel pen
-glitter gel pen
-pastels you want for your background

Step one-

First you want to go over the outline of the bubble (or draw a circle yourself) with a white colored pencil; pressing harder towards the outer edges of the bubble and getting lighter as you get towards the center of your bubble. The spot where the bubbles highlight will be in the bubble will be where you color the least with your white pencil (I tend to make that slightly off center).

Step two-
Next we want to color our background with pastels.

Step three-
Then we will want to take our silver colored pencil and lightly shade starting towards the outer edge of the bubble and pressing lighter as we color towards the center of the bubble on the same side as our highlight (if your picture does not have the highlight drawn in your bubble you can pick whichever side you want that highlight to be on and that will be the side you shade with your silver pencil). Also go back over the other side of the bubble with the white colored pencil if needed from Coloring your background with the pastels. This step makes the 3D look for the bubble.

Step four-
Finally we are ready for the gel pen accents on the bubble. Outline the half of the bubble with your highlight on the bubble with your glitter gel pen. Outline the other half of the bubble with the white gel pen, and then go over your highlight with the white gel pen as well to make it pop (or if you drew your bubble you can just make your highlight on the bubble)

This is how I make translucent bubbles, and I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial! My finished picture to show the end result for this style bubble is from Johanna Basford’s Lost Ocean. Happy coloring!

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