The Comfort of Coloring

The Comfort of Coloring

The adult coloring phenomena all of us are enjoying today has taken the world by storm in just a matter of months. The first time I heard about adult coloring was through a friend on Facebook just last year around August. The link to a Facebook page all about adult coloring was shared and after only a couple hours looking through all the beautiful images people had colored and all the new markers, colored pencils, and other artistic tools people were raving about, I was hooked. Social media is without a doubt the new mainstream catalyst to light the fire under a new trend for sure, but why has coloring caught on with such intensity and devotion? Why are there hundreds of websites, Facebook pages, coloring groups, magazines, blogs, books and even social gatherings dedicated to such a simple activity? Why are some people spending thousands of dollars on adult coloring books and supplies? What are we getting out of this activity that makes our investment of time and money so well worth it?

Coloring has been a significant part of many of our childhoods. The excitement of getting a fresh new box of crayons and a new book to color in are fond memories for many of us.


We colored on our own, with our siblings, our parents, and grandparents. We colored while waiting for dinner to be ready, deciding what color to use on Barbie’s long flowing hair, or G.I. Joe’s combat fatigues at the same time as we were inhaling the delicious aroma of our parents cooking. We colored in the evening before bedtime while grandma and grandpa sat watching television. We colored cuddled up in blankets on rainy days or when it was too cold to play outside. We colored in front of the warmth of the fireplace on Christmas mornings. It was a soothing, quiet activity that kept us occupied all while providing an outlet for our energy and creative minds. Coloring was comfort.

The idea that we can associate coloring with happy childhood memories and experiences is perhaps one of the biggest draws to this wonderful new trend. Adult colorists crave the nostalgia that coloring brings into our lives and the newer, more complex books are appealing to our more mature sense of creativity. The use of professional markers and colored pencils are an exciting new way to make a childhood activity more grown up and the artistic possibilities are endless. It seems people are fascinated by adult coloring and are flocking to coloring groups online to share their love of this timeless classic with other like-minded individuals. The comfort that coloring can bring to our daily lives doesn’t have a price tag for certain people. A relief from stress or anxiety can be priceless and there is no wonder the art supply industry is booming right now. Finding comfort in coloring does not need to be an expensive endeavor however, as there are many options available for any budget.
Coloring provides a sense of comfort and nostalgia for many people and I would venture to say that this trend is here to stay for a long time. So grab your favorite coloring book and supplies, a little snack, and something tasty to drink and let the comfort of coloring wrap you up and take your cares away.

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