The Coloring Adventure Continues

By Larry Pierce

When we last left you our hero was waging an uphill battle against his mortal enemy…Wait that’s not the story I was telling, of course, it’s quite similar to my own story but with less blood and more crying quietly in the corner while searching for the proper colors that I need.

If I recall correctly, I was recounting my adventures as a male colorist in a predominately female coloring world. It’s been almost two years since I started inching my way back into coloring, and WOW, a lot of things have changed!! I’d like to say that I have made it to the point where everybody knows my name and my style (which is color quickly because you’re running behind again). I’d also like to say I’d made it to the point where people aren’t afraid to admit they know me, but that’s more of a personal goal and totally unrelated to coloring.

In that two years, I’ve met some of the most unique minds and some of the quirkiest people. I’ve also made some great friends who don’t judge me because I have a beard, tattoos and like to color. I know what you’re thinking “Beard, tattoos and coloring. I wonder if he’s as tall as he sounds.”  Good news, I am as tall as I sound, I could play a Mountain Dwarf in ANY upcoming movie. However we’re not here to talk about my role as understudy to Gimli, we’re here to talk about my own adventures in coloring.  Friends, coloring, dwarves… Oh, I remember where this train of thought was going.

Two years ago I was just starting out and was so shy about anything that may label me as a “colorist”, and in those two years, I have found that most people just want to color and show their art to others.  As I sit here drinking coffee and looking back over all of the things I have colored in the last two years I suddenly realize that I am most people and I, too,  just want to show others what I enjoy doing.  The most important words that I can give you as a colorist are that you should throw away the notions in your head that your art isn’t good enough, your colors aren’t bright enough, you’re blending techniques need some work or that your pants don’t match that shirt.

You see, the only person who believes those things is the guy that you shave in the mirror with, everybody else just see another colorists trying to bring a little more beauty into our world.  Many things have changed in my first two years as a colorist, but the one thing that has not changed is the overwhelming sense of peace that washes over me when I pick up my pencils (check supplies for your preferred coloring instruments) and grab a blank coloring page.

To be continued……………. or not.  It depends on whether I get invited back for more.  But if it’s like most things, they’ll just invite my wife, and I’ll get to sit in the car.


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