StyleModel Pencil Review

By Melissa Pierce

Style Model pencils come in colors that are perfect for coloring skin tones and hair as well as blushed cheeks and soft lip colors. The pencils have cute, shiny decorations on them. They come as a 12 pack and include a tutorial insert with instructions for four different skin and hair variations. The twelve included colors are: white, teint, light, gold, powder, rose, apricot, caramel, nougat, cocoa, mahagoni, and black. Style Model brand also includes Top Model brand and they have several different pencil sets for coloring faces and fashion. These pencils have a hard core and are wax based.

I started out by using the included tutorial for a medium skin tone and reddish brown hair. I personally have a heavy hand when I use pencils and lay the color down thick. After the first layer of the suggested color was laid down, the second layer appeared streaky and was hard to blend. The insert shows putting the darker color across the face and neck from right to left and only partway as to leave a lighter area on one side showing shadows and light. I have never attempted this look before, and I was unable to achieve it.

I normally lay down color heavy because I have a hard time doing light layers evenly. They are a very waxy pencil, and with my heavy handedness, I believe I was not able to layer adequately to get the look shown without major wax bloom and streaking. I do believe it can be achieved with light layers instead of my heavier ones. I decided instead to use the colors shown together in a technique I was more familiar with. If I outlined with the darker color first and then went over with the lighter one, I was able to blend out the lines with the lighter color. I was also able to use a blender pencil to blend out the blush of the cheeks with no problems.

Overall, I think these would be helpful for someone who is newer to coloring skin and hair as the colors and instructional insert would be great starter kit tools. I purchased these for that purpose and this was the first time I used them. The pencils are similar in quality to other hard wax core, cheaper varieties and are packaged and decorated in a cute way. The insert would also be helpful with other pencil sets to match up the colors and use them together in the combinations shown as well as helping learn shadows and light for faces and hair.

I think I would have been more successful had I tried a smaller area with a lighter touch until I had the shading down. I have a hard time coloring light layers evenly throughout and that also contributed to the streaking I experienced. I am happy with how the final picture turned out and will try to follow the tutorial insert again sometime as I do believe it is a great tool to use. These are recommended for ages 6+ so could be used by all. I especially think anyone who is into different and cute looking pencils will enjoy using these.

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