For our launch day party, a number of artists and publishers donated books and products to use as “door prizes” during the party. We’d like to thank all of the sponsors for their generosity, and for helping to make the magazine launch a fun event! Please consider visiting their sites and possibly purchasing their products!

ulysses_press_center_stack_BWUlysses Press

Ulysses Press is an independent publishing house specializing in non-fiction. It stays ahead of the competition by publishing books at the forefront of emerging trends and by finding unique angles on established topics unexplored by other publishers. Bestsellers include Mason Jar Salads and More, Coloring Flower Mandalas, The Kamado Smoker and Grill Cookbook, The Green Smoothie Bible, and The Prepper’s Pocket Guide.


Dover Publications

Dover Publications, Inc., founded by New Yorker Hayward Cirker in 1941, is headquartered in Mineola, New York. A niche book publishing house with over 140 employees, Dover produces serious and fun titles ranging from Einstein’s The Principle of Relativity to Glitter Butterfly Stickers. Dover also publishes a full line of Gift & Activity sets, including the popular Dover Fun Kits™. In between, there are over 9,000 titles on architecture, astronomy, chess, clip and fine art, crafts, mathematics, and music scores, including the world’s premier paper doll line and books by over two dozen Nobel Laureates.


PanPastel Colors

PanPastel Colors are professional artists’ quality soft pastel colors packed in a unique pan format (cake-like). The special qualities of PanPastel Colors mean that artists can blend and apply dry color like fluid paint for the first time. All PanPastel Colors are made using a unique manufacturing process requiring minimal binder and fillers, resulting in rich, ultra soft and super-blendable colors. Each color is loaded with the finest quality artists’ pigments for the most concentrated colors possible. The colors have excellent lightfastness and are fully erasable. Uniquely, for pastel color, they can be mixed together for a complete painting palette.

Tangitude Artworks & Tangitude Publishing

front-cover-thumbIn addition to publishing Color On! Magazine and her coloring book review blog at AdultColoringBooks.com, Mary J. Winters-Meyer has her own coloring book, Dragons, Knots, Bots & More! She also posts her own original artwork for sale at Tangitude.com. All of Mary’s creative endeavors are housed under the Tangitude business umbrella.

Maniacal Confessions

Bringing her own brand of humor to coloring, J.A. Early Riser, with the help of T.J. Crayons, brings us several coloring books and activity books that appeal to our less serious side. You can find out more about the coloring books, and get a peek inside at some of the designs, on the Maniacal Confessions website.

Valerie Jagiello…fine artist, graphic designer and photographer

Valerie was a child prodigy who started to draw the first day she picked up a Crayola…and has never stopped.  All of her formal education was in New York City.
For several years after school she worked in Advertising as both a creative and art director but left Madison Avenue because she didn’t like being creative “on demand”!  Valerie left the nine to five world and never looked back.
A keen observer of life and the world around her Valerie is constantly looking for new sources or products to use within the creative process.  Everyday you can find her in the studio, which she shares with Harry and the Fisch, creating something.  Even now, at times…she still uses her Crayolas.
Nocturnal by choice…Valerie prefers to work at night when most of the world is still.
During her lifetime Valerie has won numerous awards and has had many shows.  These are unimportant….as her work (art) is the reason for her being.   “I am a working artist…who is blessed creating what I like.  I will continue to work until the day I die”!!!

Lori Ryan

 Lori Ryan is a romance novelist who also creates adult coloring books. Her books feature a variety of mandalas and designs, varying from simple to extremely complex. They are 8.25 x 8.25, a great portable size for on the go! They are also one sided. You can connect with Lori on her website.

Nick Dolan

Lizzy Blu

Loni Gansmann

Barbara House

Marilyn SouthMayd

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