Sharpie, My Best Friend

By Stephanie Anders

My morning started out like any other morning. While drinking coffee, I looked for coloring supplies that I did not need. It’s what color crazy people do, and I don’t mind admitting that I am crazy when it comes to color markers. On this particular morning though, I happened across something that made me choke hot coffee all over my computer screen and as I asphyxiated,  I realized that they may have come out with new Sharpie colors, Cosmic Colors. They appear to be limited edition and immediate panic set in because my first thought was they might completely disappear soon. The ultra-fine four pack of the new colors stared me right in the face, and I hit add to cart quicker than I can ever remember. Then I set out to look for the four pack of the fine tip and could only find them in the twenty-four pack. I really didn’t’ want to buy a pack with colors I assumed I already had. That’s what they have done in the past, sell the new few colors in packs of twenty-four that included colors that already existed.

My good friend, Larry Pierce, helped me investigate and pointed out the names of the colors, Clestial Gray, Dark Matter Gray, Intergalactic Indigo, Galaxy Green, Martian Green, Venus Green, Orion Orange, Solar Flare Red, Jupiter Red, and Rocket Fuel Red. Yeah, those sounded like all new colors to me, so I added that pack of marvels to my cart and made sure to add the pack in ultra-fine. Then something even more mind boggling appeared to me as I was switching pages. There before my eyes was a 115 set of Sharpie markers, and before I knew it, they too had been added to my cart. I love Sharpie. I’ve always wondered as I colored, why hadn’t they made more colors. I always thought they could stomp all of the market of markers if they only created new colors. I’m pretty impressed with the colors in this Sharpie Ultimate Collection. Before I knew it, there I sat with 167 Sharpie Markers in my cart. Was it hard to push that proceed to check out button? No, not at all.

My coloring loot finally arrived. I’m quite impressed with the Sharpie Ultimate Collection. The box slides off the top of the container and the bottom serves as a caddy for the markers. It came with forty fine, forty two ultra-fine, five neon, eight metallic, twelve twin tip, and eight chisel tip markers making this a really super starter set for the beginning colorist. Also, you can buy Sharpies open stock, so replacing a n old marker would run you about a dollar. Other replacement markers are much higher priced. Does that mean by buying Sharpie you are buying a cheap product? No, not at all. Sharpie manufactured it’s first permanent marker in 1964 and has stayed one of the top permanent markers sold today. When starting out with adult coloring, it can be confusing trying to decide what to buy. I have numerous sets of markers, some of them quite expensive. Nine times out of ten, I first pick up a Sharpie when coloring. I have to remind myself of my other sets and use them. There is something about Sharpie that makes them an easy favorite.

Now that I have the new colors here, I’m ready to rip them open and see if they really are new. At first glance, I think I might have just gotten a few new colors with some of the classics in the twenty-four pack like I was afraid of. That’s OK, since diving into the adult coloring craze full throttle three years ago, I have actually gone through nine sets of Sharpie. The more Sharpies, the better.  It looks as if I won’t run out of my favorite markers any time soon, so my investment was sound. My current set in use will now retire to my grandchildren for grand coloring adventures during their school spring break. They are excited and feel grown up coloring with these markers while Nana feels like she is reliving a bit of her own childhood.

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