Roadwear Color Your Own Sunshade Review

By Stephanie Anders

Have you seen the images of doodled on cars floating around on Facebook? My husband said no and I assume many other husbands every where are also saying no (he just rolled his eyes at me) because, I’ve not seen a doodled car in person. We may not be able to color doodles on our cars quite yet but would you settle for a sunshade? Roadwear Color Your Own Sunshade by Remington Industries, is a new color-able car sunshade that you can find at Walmart locations or at Amazon.

This coloring project would take one person a long time to color on their own so why not make this a family project? The coloring spaces in this doodle are quite large making this an ideal coloring project for children to seniors. My grandchildren pitched in by demand and did quite well. The sunshade comes with a complete set of watercolor markers but because I am a Sharpie- a-holic I went with Sharpies. I think any alcohol based markers would really work best for this sunshade. The size of this does seem awkward at first when attempting to color. I recommend your dining room table over a desk. At a large table not only would you have room for all your coloring helpers, you will be able to turn the sunshade around as your coloring progresses across the doodle.

I personally think that the sunshade looks absolutely stunning uncolored. So for all you line art lovers out there, you too can get just a little bit closer to that all over doodled car that us colorists dream of. This is an item I am sure will sell out quickly during the Christmas shopping season. So to all the husbands out there that will not let their wives doodle on their cars, buy these now.

Check out the automotive department at your local Walmart store for this Roadwear Color Your Own Sunshade or you can find it on Amazon here: 

P.S. I do not drive. I did however ask my husband for the tenth time if I could doodle his truck and his answer is still no.



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