Reviews From A Dude

By Larry Pierce.

Hi kids!! Guess who is back for another installment of the mildly popular Reviews
From A Dude. That’s right, the creative geniuses over at Color On magazine decided
that they would like all of you faithful followers to hear from me once again. So I
cleared my scheduled, it was mostly just yelling at the TV and eating Doritos, and
decided to give this whole reviewing books another go.
For this month I’ve decided to go back to one of my favorite illustrators, J.A. Early
Riser, aka the kooky Canadian, and review Alice’s Absur’D Search For Sock-ness. This book, without a doubt, was one of my favorites in the Absur’D Universe. It had intrigue, it had mayhem and it had a sock stealing monster that was being tracked by the heroine Alice. You may remember Alice from some other books, movies and maybe cartoons, but I can assure you she has never had an adventure like the one in
this book. The illustrations are magnificent and hearken back to the John Tenniel drawings with a little Absur’D twist.
Now for the technical aspects, I know, I know but the readers, they insist. There are 120 pages of of Absur’Dly wild images printed on both sides of the page. Paper is a decent weight, white, slightly smooth and non-perforated. Like most other coloring
books, I’m just going to assume that alcohol-based markers bleed through paper, so if you want to use these types of coloring mediums expect that you won’t be able to color the picture on the reverse side. I recommend scanning the picture you want to color and print it out if alcohol markers are you marker of choice.
I highly recommend wandering through the entire Absur’D Collection. The artist has
created her own unique world and I for one am glad to let my pencils, pens and markers travel through it.

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