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By Larry Pierce

Greetings to all my fans (both of you) and welcome back to Reviews from a Dude. I know it’s been a while and you all have questions like, “Do these pants go with this shirt?”; “What are you reviewing this month?” and “Does my dog understand Klingon?” To answer those questions, no, a book and yes..yes he does.

For this month, I’ve decided to do a review of The Chronicles of Narnia Official Coloring Book. Unlike most of my reviews I don’t have a picture colored for this, and before you say anything, NO, it’s not because I’m lazy, some books I just own and do not color because I feel like they are more than coloring books, they are pieces of art to collect.  I’ve looked through this book hundreds of times and have marveled at the gorgeous art from the first page to the last.  This coloring book is a storybook collection based on all seven books in the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis and can be used as a fun addition while you are reading the stories. The designs are based on the original artwork by Pauline Baynes from the books written and published in the 1950’s. In some cases, the artwork has been turned into what I call “wallpaper” style designs with repeated patterns.

Now the technical aspects for all you people who are actually going to be coloring in this book.  There are 96 pages of designs based on original artwork from  The Chronicles of Narnia printed on both sides of the page. The book is from a larger publishing company so you know the paper is good quality. Paper is heavyweight, white, slightly smooth (just like me) and non-perforated, and many of the designs merge into the binding area. Like most other coloring books, I’m just going to assume that alcohol-based markers bleed through paper, so if you want to use these types of coloring mediums expect that you won’t be able to color the picture on the reverse side.  I recommend scanning the picture you want to color and print it out if alcohol markers are you marker of choice.

Although I cannot speak for the coloring aspect of this book, I can tell you from a book collector and C.S. Lewis fan’s point of view that this is a great book to add to your collection.

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