Reviews from a Dude

By Larry Pierce.

Today I will be reviewing Dr. Earnest Drake’s Dragonology: The Coloring Book.  This book caught my eye at a local bookstore, actually it’s a huge chain but they don’t pay me for endorsements, so local bookstore it is! I picked it up because I love dragons and the mythos behind them that brought them into our histories.  Enough of my inner nerd, you all want to know about this book.

The images themselves are pretty detailed and really fun to color, allowing for shading and blending if desired. There are dragons of all shapes and sizes including Asian dragons, European dragons, winged and non-winged dragons, bird sized dragons, and a dragon that towers over tree tops. Some of the images are of just the dragon itself and there are some with dragons in trees, sitting by river banks, reading books, etc..  The description of each dragon is written sort of as a tongue-in-cheek description of the natural habitat and coloration of each subject.

There are 32 coloring pages that are printed on medium weight paper. The pages are not perforated, but could be removed easily if desired. The coloring images are printed on only one side with a short paragraph describing the dragon on the other page. Although the paper is heavier than a few books I have reviewed you will still need a piece of backing paper to keep from bleeding thru to the adjacent image. Be warned though, if you are a marker user it will bleed through onto the description paragraph on the following page.  If you are like me then you don’t realize until its way too late and end up making up stories and naming the dragons things like Chauncey.  Hint:  Chauncey is not the name of a tough dragon, but he’ll be okay.

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