Reviews from a Dude


By Larry Pierce.

For today’s installment of the award winning Review From A Dude (What do you mean what award? Well, I won an award in kindergarten once for some serious macaroni art).  For this month, I picked the most recent edition of Jamil and Jamal Caminiti’s Ink Feast Series, Ink Feast Volume 3: Beyond The Grave (insert spooky voice here).

Just like the last two Ink Feast books, this one is packed from front to back with some of the coolest art out there, but this time there is a twist, GRAYSCALE!  That’s right Ink Feast fans, the Brothers have given us a grayscale book to greedily feast our eyes on and they certainly did not disappoint.  Inside this book you will find 36 pages with images straight out of a Lovecraftian dream sequence. There are skulls, sharks, demons, a couple of scantily clad vixens and I’m pretty sure I also saw a sweet version of Bela Lugosi’s Dracula coming straight out the coffin.   Like all the Ink Feast Books, this book comes with blanks in the back for testing colors or making neat paper airplanes. The paper is standard weight, which means that if you are going to use markers or other mediums that might bleed through you’re definitely going to need a backer to keep from coloring two pages at once, unless that’s how you color, and if that’s the case, then feel free to go wild.

As a fan of the horror genre and a fan of the Caminiti Brothers, this book was another home-run for me.

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