Reviews from a Dude

By Larry Pierce.

Today I will be reviewing The Book of 100 Dragons LEVEL 2 from Rossy Zapata.  If you love dragons, and I don’t just mean the ones that you see on TV and in the movies, then you are going to love this book.  It has dragons, dragons and even more dragons.  Oh, did I mention it has dragons?

I was amazed as I looked through this book the first time, the artist has researched the world and brought us 100 different dragons, and each looks like a dragon but is different from the rest.

The artist has included 34 dragons from myth & lore from around the globe, you will find famous dragons like: Ammit from Egypt, Kukulkan from Mexico, Yinglong from China, La Velue from France, an Elephant Dragon from Thailand, Naga from Thailand, Zilant from Russia and many more. On each of these the artist has added the country they are from and that specific dragon’s name on the bottom of the page. The rest of the book is filled with imaginative dragons flying with wings, swimming with fins, spewing fire, and each are different. This book is not for everyone. Although this is considered a level 2 by the artist, this book is perfect for those adults and children who enjoy and find coloring simpler images with only a few details relaxing and inspiring.

The book is 101 single sided pages (100 dragons plus the requisite “This Book Belongs To” page) of illustrations. The paper is a bit thin, so if you are one of them marker junkies, I’m going to suggest that you use a piece of backing paper.  Otherwise you can be like me and realize before it’s too late that you have not just colored one picture but two. You can call it a mess up, but I call it a twofer!

So in closing, if you like big books and cannot lie, then this big ole book of dragons might just be for you.


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