Reviews From A Dude

By Larry Pierce

Today I will be reviewing The Book of Beast:  Color and Discover from Sterling Children’s Books, Illustrated by Angela Rizza.  If you are a fan of the fantastical beast straight from the pages of your favorite mythological tome, then you are going to love this book. I know that it says that the book is for children but let me tell you, the intricate details on the drawings make it a great gift for the young and old alike.

First off, this is a hardbound book with a beautiful, gold leaf style front and back cover. The paper of this book is nice and thick, and the illustrations are bold and lined heavy enough that even someone who is visually impaired, such as myself, will have no trouble making out where one beast ends and another begins.  The book is 64 pages of illustrations, and the neat thing is that on the back of each page is a description of each beast including the country of origin.  Seeing as how these are double sided pages, if you decide that you want to color in marker you will probably want to copy and print the page.  However, if you are a pencil junkie like myself (shhh.. don’t tell anyone, but I used marker on this one) then you can just feel free to color in the book.

Overall, this book ROCKS, and I would recommend it not only for colorists but for a fan of the beasts and other critters from the world of mythology.

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