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By Larry Pierce 

Today I will be reviewing a little something different.  I know that both of my fans expect me to write about throwing back some beers, shaving with broken glass and then coloring some manly stuff. Well, for this one time only I decided that I would write about something on the lighter side of coloring.  The book I have chosen for all you kiddos to see/read is Candy Coated Kaos 2.0:  The Cavity Strikes Back by J.A. Early Riser and T.J. Crayons.  I know what you’re all thinking, “candy” and “cavities”?  Is this book about dentistry?  No, no it is not,  this is another installment in the Absur’D series of books from our squirrel chasing, duck taming, moose-y brethren north of the border.

Alright now let’s get this party started.  The first thing that you (as the reader, not me because I have FOCUS problems) will notice is the fantastic cover.  The artist and head squirrel chaser has provided us with a white cover with pops of color all over.  Unlike most artists, she hasn’t colored everything in (this is probably because she got distracted but something shiny), which personally I like because it allows my mind to finish what she started.  Inside the book, the artist has given us a LOAD of pictures to color and color and color. There are unicorns, trolls, cats, mice, gummy worms, baby unicorns and so many more. It’s a full fledged cuteness overload. I’m going to have to go hammer up some drywall and drink some beers to even out the cuteness to manliness ratio.

This book has 50+ images of some of the weirdest and wackiest characters in the Absur’D series.  Also, like all the other books in the series, the artist has given us pictures from some of her other works and if you see something you like she has provided links for you to follow and get a copy of any books that might tickle your creative fancy. The paper is standard weight, which means that if you are going to use markers or other mediums that might bleed through you’re definitely going to need a backer to keep from coloring straight through to the back pages, maybe I press too hard on the markers.

As a fan of the artist and a guy that sometimes needs to take a break from skulls, cars, venomous ducks..etc.  I cannot recommend this book enough and unlike most of the books I review, this is one for all ages, whether you’re 8 or 88 this book will provide you with hours of coloring fun.  So run out there and grab your copy today! Tell her Larry sent you, won’t make a difference but tell her anyway

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Laurie cave


Lol awesome review. I love the Absur’D books not only because they are just fun, but because the detail is a bit bigger for my old eyes. Awesome books!! I use markers 98% of the time; because that’s the mediums I prefer, and I just put paper under them. The pages are single sided so it’s perfectly fine to bleed through. Happy colouring 🤗🖍😍

Barbara Leonard


I have to admit, Reviews by a Dude is one of my favorite features in Color On! Magazine, and this review is one of your best! Larry writes like I think (I don’t think about beer, but I’m not trying to be manly! LOL). Great review!

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