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Hello out there to my tens of followers. I’m back this month with a new review.  Where have I been you ask?  Well, the management keeps me locked away in a small closet and once every other month they crack the door, poke me with a sharp stick and ask me to throw some words down on paper. All reviews after this one will contain subtle hints to my location and ways to break me out of the closet. SHHHH…. They’re coming!! Better get this thing done before they break out the poking stick.

For this month I’ve decide to do a review of Doctor Who Travels in Time by the Price Stern Sloane Publishing Company.  Much like my last review, this book remains uncolored due to the fact that I am a collector of Sci-Fi books and also a HUGE fan of Doctor Who, Tom Baker was one of my favorites.  The episodes depicted in this book are from 1964 through 2015, so the range of Dr. Who’s represented are all the ones I can remember watching on reruns as a kid and the new incarnations of the doctor. The designs focus on Dr. Who in various time periods – including Vikings, ancient Egypt, the Battle of Hastings with Winston Churchill and even with Shakespeare among many others. The designs are well drawn with clean black lines, though it is easy to see that these designs are hand-drawn for the most part as the lines are not perfectly straight. Some designs are fairly open and easy to color while others are more intricate and will be a little more challenging but still a lot of fun.

Now onto the stuff you guys really came to read.   There are 45 Dr. Who Time Travel Designs printed on one side of the page. Paper is heavyweight, deep cream color, very smooth, and non-perforated.  Even though I have not colored this I can be 100% sure that Alcohol-based markers will bleed right through the page. So as I always say, unless you want two different pictures colored exactly the same way, I recommend using a blotter page.  There shouldn’t be any problems using colored pencils, although if your pencils bleed through you might want to throw those things in the freezer because they are obviously melting.

In conclusion, (sounds fancy) this is a fantastic book for all Doctor Who lovers both young and old.  Go out and pick yourself up a copy that will collect dust on a shelf just like mine.

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