Review of Imagery From Beyond Vol. 1 by Alice Best Jackson

By Jessica Johnson

I first became interested in the work of Alice Best Jackson and her husband, Dennis Jackson, when I attended a day-long, online artist’s showcase event. Alice was one of the featured artists during this event, and her interesting abstract images caught my eye.

The Imagery From Beyond Vol. 1 book is the first in a series of incredible abstract coloring books from the art of Alice Best Jackson. Alice’s art is based on “intuitive drawing” which is a method of art that can be interpreted in a meaningful way. The images remind me of clouds in the sky… sometimes you “see” certain things in the shapes of the clouds. The same thing happens when you look at a piece of Alice’s art! You can turn it any which way and possibly see something different.

Each image page in this book is followed by another page with the same image in grey-scale, along with an overlay of positive affirmation words, meant to keep the colorist inspired. What I particularly love about these phrases is that it gives you something to ponder while you color… which essentially becomes intuitive coloring!


There is no “right” or “wrong” way to color in this book. As Alice states in her book description, “Your imagination is your palette…let it run wild!” The pages can be viewed in any direction, so even left-handed colorists can enjoy coloring within the book.

Every page is single-sided to allow the colorist to use any medium they choose without ruining anything on the other side. However, it’s advised to use a “blotter” sheet in between pages to prevent bleed-through onto the next page. There are several blank pages at the back of the book that are perfect for use as blotter sheets.

There are over 60 images to color in this book, and it’s suitable for colorists of any age or skill level. Even children can enjoy coloring these images! The pages are purposely sized as 8”x 10” for easy framing (however, the pages are not perforated, so use care when removing them).

There is also a Volume 2 book that is already available, but I chose to highlight Volume 1 for this issue because I think it would be a great holiday gift idea for anyone who loves to color. You can learn more about artist Alice Best Jackson and the Imagery From Beyond series by visiting her website:
You can also view her current books for sale on Amazon here:

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