Review of Carousel Dreams by YamPuff (Yasmeen H Eldahan)

Review of Carousel Dreams by YamPuff (Yasmeen H Eldahan)

When I was a young girl, one of my favorite things to do every summer was to head to the local county fair with my family. I wasn’t interested in the food or the animals in the barn, I was determined to ride every single horse on the carousel! The carousel was magical, and I just knew that the horse I chose would come to life and we would ride off into the sunset!

I think it’s only fair for me to concede that magical carousel horses never did come to life, and I was left crying with disappointment by the end of the three-minute ride. But, my love for carousels and their whimsy stayed with me. So, when I found Carousel Dreams by YamPuff, I was elated! Every turn of the page took my imagination back to the same fantasy world of my childhood!

The images in YamPuff’s Carousel Dreams coloring book are a mix of animé-style characters and cartoon creatures, all with the common theme of carousels. A little girl on a swing wearing a dress with carousel horse embellishments, a 1980’s-style fitness horse, and even a carousel mandala are just a few of the 24 images you’ll find in this adorable coloring book. The images in this book are appropriate and enjoyable for people of all ages.

On the backside of each page, the artist, Yasmeen Eldahan, a.k.a. YamPuff, tells you a little bit about how she came up with the idea for the image, as well as some insight into her own imagination. The first picture I chose to color featured what I can only describe as a masquerade-mermaid-carousel-horse! On the back of this image, YamPuff notes, “It took me a long time to complete my sea-pony. I finally had the idea for a masquerade ball theme at the absolute last minute! You just never know when inspiration will strike.”


To learn more about YamPuff, her art, and her coloring books, visit her Facebook page at, on Twitter at @HalfBakedYams, and at her main page, Carousel Dreams is available for sale on Amazon at, and in digital format on Etsy at

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