Quick Christmas Presents

By Stephanie Anders

Wanting some last minute Christmas gifts that sparkle with the season’s cheer? Quickly personalize small, inexpensive gifts to hand out or even use as gift name tags. These wooden ornaments are easy to make using patterned coloring pages. I made these using  Rachel Gillham‘s patterned pages that appeared in our November 2018 issue.

I found these awesome wood slices on Amazon. There are forty slices in this set in four different seasonal styles. You’ve probably seen the same types of wood ornaments in your local craft stores so look around for what suits your holiday gift giving style this year. These would also be great crafts for children to help decorate as gifts to grandparents.

I’m creating these quick little ornaments to carry around and simply hand out. Our mailman, the UPS driver (he’s earned a gift this year for all his MANY delivers just to my home..lol), and to my favorite greeter at my local department store. The extras are for those I come across who might need some extra cheer this year.

All you need is a wood slice, a colored page, some Mod Podge, scissors and voila! You now have something to give that says, “I made this for you.” Homemade items are the most endearing gifts.

If you are looking for a variety of patterns for use in crafts, I highly recommend Rachel Gillham’s Plucky Patterns Coloring Book.

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