Playing Color


By Stephanie Anders

I recently received a Playing Color deck of cards by Claire Green. I am absolutely in love with them! These cards are not simply pieces of papers that you color. These are one hundred percent real playing cards. They are printed on the same thickness paper you would find traditional playing cards printed on.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to coloring and personalizing these unique playing cards. Colored pencils work well on them, as do most watercolor fineliners. However, I do recommend experimenting with your watercolor fineliners on another piece of paper. Some fineliners do bleed outside the lines. Do not use alcohol markers. They will bleed and do not work well for the type of intricate spaces found on these cards.

Imagine playing cards with family and friends over the years that were personalized by you! Or how about a family heirloom deck of cards colored by your children? If you would like to purchase a deck of Playing Color you can do so on Claire’s website for the very affordable price of $9.93 USD.

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Pictures by Claire Green.

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