Mermaid Fantasy by Jason Hamilton

In the July 2016 edition of Color On Magazine, I wrote a detailedmermaid_front_cover review of the coloring book called Fairy Fantasy by Jason Hamilton. It wasn’t but a month or so later that Hamilton came out with another enchanting book called Mermaid Fantasy, and I just had to have it!

Much like the artwork found in Fairy Fantasy, the drawings in Mermaid Fantasy are detailed and perfectly proportioned. With 24 hand drawn illustrations depicting mermaids, mermen, and even mer-children, this book seems to lean more towards a family theme. Many of the pictures show mermaids seemingly posing for a camera, almost as if it were something you would find in a frame you purchased at a store.

Each mermaid is very different from the next with different features,merfamily different fin placements, different hairstyles, and even different body sizes. There are scenes depicting both male and female humans being rescued by mer-people, and even some scenes that depict the mermaids in rather perilous situations (i.e. one unlucky mermaid is tangled in a large bit of rope, possibly leftover from a ship’s anchor).

One of my favorite images in this book is that of the mer-family. This particular page depicts a family of four mer-people: dad, mom, big brother, and newborn sibling, in a warm embrace, fins entangled. It’s stunning and heartwarming to see human characteristics portrayed in fantasy beings.

In addition to the 24 full-size images in this book, there is also amermaid_by_jess_1024 bonus section of the same images in 4”x6” size format, allowing you to cut and frame them if you wish. These are also handy if you’re just looking for a quick thing to color as they are smaller than the originals.

In the back of Mermaid Fantasy, like all of Jason Hamilton’s other books, there are smaller pictures from each of his four other coloring books. While the book’s pages are of higher quality paper and the images are single-sided, it’s advised to use a blotter sheet between pages if using a bleeding medium. The book is glue bound with a glossy cover, and the pages are not perforated.

To learn more about Mermaid Fantasy and Jason Hamilton’s art, you can visit his website at Mermaid Fantasy, as well as Hamilton’s other books can be purchased on Amazon through this affiliate link:

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