Meet Colorist Tina Pankuch

The adult coloring craze skyrocketed a little over two years ago. Is this when you got involved in coloring or have you colored all your life?

I actually got involved with it just before it became a big craze. I would always color black and white pictures in game manuals, and one day a game developer that I really love released a few black and white pictures of concept art for people to color. I remember my inner child being so excited! Not only could I enjoy the artist’s work in designing the game, but I could give it life, myself! Shortly after I stumbled upon the displays set up in local bookstores, and I probably bought one of everything!

Markers, pencils, and pens, there is an ocean of coloring mediums available to colorists today, what are your favorite mediums to use in your coloring work and why?

I prefer pencils… specifically Inktense (which are a water color pencil), Prismacolor pencils and Black Widow pencils. The three brands play really nice together when blending color, and I’m able to really add depth to areas by mixing the three. I will use markers for smaller areas if I need to make something brighter, and I usually pick Ohuhu markers for that. I’ve tried gel pens….. they hate me.

What are some of your all-time favorite colors that you tend to use the most in your coloring work?

If I had to be honest, I probably use purple, blue and green the most. I recently did a color palette challenge using only reds, browns, and tans. It was very hard for me!

Modern technology is allowing colorist of today more choices. We can either download digital coloring pages and digital books and begin coloring immediately or we can wait for USPS to bring us our next great coloring adventure in a physical book. Which do you like best, physical book or digital?

I enjoy both! I’ve always collected art books, whether it’s fantasy art, game art, etc. So collecting coloring books is just another extension of that, for me. Digital books are nice because you can guarantee the kind of paper you’re using, and are able to make multiple copies in case of mistakes, or if you want to do the picture a different way. I bought a tablet (quite a while back) and plan on trying my hand at digital coloring down the road. I really like using Georgia Pacific Premium Card Stock Paper to print on. I buy the 110lb 92 bright, and it really holds up when using wet medium like the Inktense pencils.

Who are some of the most memorable artists you have met whose coloring designs you have been drawn to the most.

Chet Minton’s artwork just calls to me. I’m a big Dungeons & Dragons fan, and of course add the fact that I love all things fantasy and game related! I fell in love with his work the first time I saw it. The amount of detail he puts into each picture is just amazing, and each picture is a fun challenge to complete. Not to mention he is one heck of a nice guy. I’m really honored to call him a friend. Cristina McAllister is probably the first artist I found through Facebook groups, and I just love her Magical Beauties coloring books. Christine Aldridge has some gorgeous books out that are very relaxing to color, and Nicholas F. Chandrawienata’s books are collector’s books in their own right. Some new artists I’ve recently found are Bernard Whitman, Mark Coyle, and Mario Noriega. This is probably a bad question to ask me because I could go on and on!

What is the next coloring book or coloring medium you plan to purchase in the near future?

Oh… that is a tough question. I don’t really plan on buying items. It just spontaneously happens at any given moment. I have a love hate relationship with Amazon and Etsy.

The coloring communities on Facebook have allowed colorist from all over the world to come together and share their coloring work, techniques, and general information on coloring mediums and,  best of all, make new friends. How have the coloring communities impacted your life? What effect have they had on your own personal coloring work?

I have met so many wonderful people from all over the world that I’m honored to call good friends now! From other colorists to artists. I’m able to take something I love and share it with others who enjoy the same thing. Two years ago my coloring looked like a third grader picked up a pencil. With helpful advice from people in the coloring community, and just talking and watching how other colorists do things, I’ve found my own style to share with people just learning.

If you could visit any setting in the world to color, where would you go and what coloring supplies would you take with you?

Take me to any ancient ruin, anywhere in the world, and I’ll be happy as long as I have my Prismas, Inktense, and Black Widows, and a suitcase of coloring books and pictures. Could probably save some room for bug spray.

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