Meet Colorist Susan Curry

We are excited to introduce you to Susan Curry. Susan is an active member of Coloring Books for Adults as well as many other coloring groups on Facebook.

The adult coloring craze skyrocketed a little over two years ago. Is this when you got involved in coloring or have you colored all your life?

I am 73 years old, and I have been drawing and coloring since I could hold a crayon. However, I got interested in adult coloring books about 3 years ago, when I visited a coloring group online and discovered that I wasn’t the only old lady who was just a grown up kid who still loved coloring books.  I soon owned about 30 new, adult coloring books.

 Markers, pencils, and pens, there is an ocean of coloring mediums available to colorists today, what are your favorite mediums to use in your coloring work and why?

I am a Marker Queen. I own every color of BIC, Sharpies and Tombow Paint markers available and even have hundreds of back up markers in plastic storage drawers around my desk. I also used Art-n-Fly markers…but only for flesh colors.

Why…markers and not pencils or gel pens? I had a crush injury to my right hand in 1995. After surgery to reconstruct my hand I lost the use of my hand for about 5 years to a form of dystrophy. Doctors managed to save the use of my arm; and eventually, I was able to use my hand again. However, writing/coloring with a pencil or even a typical ball point pen causes me pain in my hand after only a short time. Yet, I can color for hours (often 10 or more per day) without pain, when I use markers.

 What are some of your all-time favorite colors that you tend to use the most in your coloring work?

I love so many colors; but I tend to use warm yellows, peach to orange tones…and a wide range of greens, perhaps because so many of the pictures that I color are florals. I also love aqua blues and rich violets. I can’t choose just one or two colors. I love them all.

Modern technology is allowing colorist of today more choices. We can either download digital coloring pages and digital books and begin coloring immediately or we can wait for USPS to bring us our next great coloring adventure in a physical book. Which do you like best, physical book or digital?

I used to only buy books; but then, I would ‘disembowel’ them, cutting the pages out of the books so that I could print them onto cardstock. That way the marker ink wouldn’t bleed through or bleed out on the thinner paper of most coloring books. I could also scan the pages and reprint them, if I mess up on my first try.

After winning a PDF copy of a book in a group challenge, I discovered the ‘ease’ of printing from the PDF file without the trouble of cutting up a book and scanning pages. Though I love books, I felt bad about cutting apart some of the beautiful, hard bound volumes. PDF is a guiltfree, more economical way to get new coloring books.

I buy reams of #110 cardstock at the local Walmart, because I color so much.  My desk drawers are full of uncolored pages in drop files for each of the artist’s work that I love.

 Who are some of the most memorable artists you have met whose coloring designs you have been drawn to the most.

First…my favorite artist is Christine Aldridge. I love her floral designs, and I love that sweet lady. She is the person who got me into drawing again and helped me to get my own 4 coloring books published. Other artists that I love and whose work I color the most (in that order) are: Deborah Muller, Jenny Luan, Jason Hamilton, Rob Roskam, Maria Castro, Anisa Claire, Shelah Dow, Sue Chastain…and most recently, Hanna Karlzon.

 What is the next coloring book or coloring medium you plan to purchase in the near future?

Any book by Christine Aldridge and perhaps…a PDF copy of ‘The Imaginary World of Jane F. Hankins’, if she ever offers PDF versions of her beautiful but expensive books.

 As for mediums, I will buy any new colors of BIC, Sharpie or Tombow Paint markers in a heartbeat. I love the new Cosmic Colors Limited Edition set by Sharpie. I want about 12 to 20 backups of their new greens called Venus Green and Martian Green. They are perfect foliage shades.

The coloring communities on Facebook have allowed colorist from all over the world to come together and share their coloring work, techniques, and general information on coloring mediums, and best of all make new friends. How have the coloring communities impacted your life? What effect have they had on your own personal coloring work?

I discovered the work of artists from around the world, when I bought the Adult Coloring Book Treasury books in 2016. That’s where I discovered some of my favorite artists, including the work of people from Europe, Africa, Mexico, Canada, Australia and more. As I colored and shared their finished drawings online, I got encouragement from them and found the courage to draw and create my own books.

 If you could visit any setting in the world to color, where would you go and what coloring supplies would you take with you?

I would take a cruise to anywhere. I love being near the ocean. The salt air, the sounds of water, the cool breezes and the beauty of the sun on the waves gives me a peace like no other place on earth. I would have to pack all of my markers and a suitcase full of printed, cardstock pages. On a ship, I could sit on the deck…or better yet the balcony of my stateroom…and color all day long. At night, I would sleep peaceful, until the sun came up over the distance horizon in the morning, knowing that somebody else would be cooking my meals, making the bed, cleaning up the room and treating me like a queen, while I was onboard a palace of the ocean.

Yes, that would be a wonderful way to escape; but I wouldn’t want to get off the ship at the end of the cruise.

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