Meet Colorist Deirdre Hock

The adult coloring craze skyrocketed a little over two years ago. Is this when you got involved in coloring or have you colored all your life?

I have always been artistic but only started coloring in March of 2015. My first picture was from Creative Cats by Marjorie Sarnet and was colored with Cra-Z-Art pencils. This was when adult coloring was becoming popular and I thought I would give it a try.

Markers, pencils, and pens, there is an ocean of coloring mediums available to colorists today, what are your favorite mediums to use in your coloring work and why?

I love to experiment and try new things – even when they don’t always work out. But my standbys for the majority of my pictures are Spectrum Noir markers, Prismacolor Premier and Verithin pencils, a China White Derwent Drawing Pencil, and a white gel or paint pen. And my trusty Tombow MONO Zero eraser.

What are some of your all-time favorite colors that you tend to use the most in your coloring work?

I try to vary my color palettes and frequently search Pinterest for new ideas, but I’ve noticed that I’ll go in phases. Last month might have been heavy on blues but the month before on orange-red. Lately it’s been all about the grays.

Modern technology is allowing colorist of today more choices. We can either download digital coloring pages and digital books and begin coloring immediately or we can wait for USPS to bring us our next great coloring adventure in a physical book. Which do you like best, physical book or digital?

I love having a book to look at and flip through, but I end up cutting out the pages to color them. I prefer digital downloads so that I can print on my own paper.  My favorite paper for pencils is Neenah Exact Vellum Bristol 67 lb or Neenah Exact Index Card Stock 90 lb.  For markers I like HP Premium Choice Laserjet 32 lb. I also like 60 lb Aged-Look Parchment Stationary Paper for an interesting background.

Who are some of the most memorable artists you have met whose coloring designs you have been drawn to the most.

I have had a lot of positive interactions with artists through Facebook.  My favorites are the artists who have included me on their coloring teams: Shelah Dow, Ligia Ortega, and Cate Edwards. I also love Ben McDaniel, Bernard Whitman, Tim Jeffs, Bennett Klein, Tabitha Barnett, Jason Hamilton, and Nadiya Vasilkova.

What is the next coloring book or coloring medium you plan to purchase in the near future?

I don’t really have any purchases planned. I just ordered some more Prismacolor blending pencils. I go through a lot of blending pencils. I also need some more Spectrum Noir marker refill ink. And, of course, I’ll get any new books from my favorite artists.

The coloring communities on Facebook have allowed colorist from all over the world to come together and share their coloring work, techniques, and general information on coloring mediums, and best of all make new friends. How have the coloring communities impacted your life? What effect have they had on your own personal coloring work?

I don’t think I’d still be coloring if I hadn’t gotten involved with Facebook coloring groups and made so many new, wonderful friends. I know I wouldn’t have become as good a colorist without all my Facebook friends’ tips, tricks, and advice. I love chatting with people from all over the world and meeting the artists that I admire. I also get to share my pictures with a much more appreciative audience because of the groups filled with other coloring enthusiasts.

If you could visit any setting in the world to color, where would you go and what coloring supplies would you take with you?

I think I’m pretty happy coloring where I am. I have my recliner, all my supplies, my laptop and Internet, a big TV, music and a big window where I can look out at my flowers and my bird feeders. My dogs and cat can curl up with me and the fridge is always stocked with my favorite food and drink. My husband is nearby to tell me “cerulean blue” whenever I wonder what color to use next and roll his eyes when Amazon delivers more coloring stuff. Now if only I could figure out how to get rid of that pesky job and still pay the bills so I could color more…

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