Marble Your Bubbles


By Anisa A. Claire

Bubbles are a lot of fun to color, and there is a wide range of things you can do to make your bubbles unique. Because we’re coloring, not everything has to be 100% realistic if you don’t want it to be. So let’s learn how to marble our bubbles, shall we?

What You’ll Need…
1. A picture to color with bubbles in it.
2. Light color pencil crayons that blend easily
3. Medium color pencils crayons that blend easily
4. A blending pencil
5. A white pencil crayon

If you’re wondering what a ‘pencil crayon’ is, it’s a colored pencil. We call them pencil crayons in Canada. Fun fact. Alright, let’s dive in!
Step One

Take three or four light colors and color random patches with them all over the bubble. Leave white spaces in between. In this picture, my light colors were pink, purple, blue and green.

Step Two
Use three or four medium colors and fill in all the white spaces you left from the previous step. For this, I used medium blue, purple and pink. Make sure to color with pressure and to overlap the touching colors just slightly.

Step Three
Run a blending pencils over some of the medium edges, pulling their colors into the bordering colors in streaks. Focus on the touching edges, not the whole bubble. You don’t want to over-blend before you hit the last step.

Step Four
Now take your white pencil crayon and, using a good amount of pressure, begin running it over the entire bubble. Start by going side to side in all the different colored areas. Bring those colors out into their neighboring colors. Then change to going up and down, stretching the colors as far into their neighboring sections as possible. Once you’ve stretched your colors out as much as you can, begin going over the entire area in small circular motions. The circular motion is where you’ll start to see the final marbling take place. Continue doing this until you are happy with the results.

Hope this article helped! Enjoy your bubbles and marbling. Until next time…

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