Lolita Fashion


By Jessica Johnson

One area of coloring books that I have had little experience with is Japanese anime or general comic-style art. However, I was kindly given a copy of Glenn Song’s Lolita Fashion coloring book, and I am simply enthralled by this book! This book is part of a very unique genre, and I am fascinated!

Lolita fashion in itself is a Japanese style of fashion loosely based on Victorian and Edwardian clothing and typically includes baby-doll style dresses with lots of frills, bows, and lace. Glenn Song borrowed this fashion style to create a character for his webcomic, This Mortal Coil, and the character’s name is Kamiko. In Glenn’s Lolita Fashion coloring book, you get to see Kamiko wearing some fantastically amazing dresses, adorned with everything from cupcakes to rifles!

One of the most fun and certainly unique things about this book is when you flip through the pages quickly enough, you actually can watch Kamiko spin all the way around with her wondrous dresses! I have never seen another coloring book with this type of added bit of fun to it, and I hope that when Mr. Song creates another coloring book, he’ll use this same element of surprise!

The book itself is a standard self-published paperback with images printed single-sided on 60 lb. paper pages. The cover shows Kamiko in several of her dresses and accessories. The illustrations are very neat with clean lines. The book is certainly family-friendly and would be great fun for colorists of any age or skill level!

Knowing that this book was based on a certain character of a webcomic, I simply had to check out the webcomic itself, which is located at I was surprised to see that there are chapters to the webcomic dating back to 2013, with other comics back to 2012. Clearly, Glenn Song is a greatly talented artist who shares his talents in all sorts of ways.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys coloring fashion or comics, including children. As mentioned previously, this coloring book would be suitable for people of all ages and skill levels, and I think everyone would really enjoy the extra treat of the “flip through” bonus that Mr. Song has provided!

You can learn more about Glenn Song and his art by visiting his website,, or his Facebook page,

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