Knitting, Kittens, & Cats by Jason Hamilton

By Jessica Johnson

It’s not hard to understand the popularity of kittens and cats when it comes to coloring books; they are, after all, the Internet’s most popular animal! But what makes one book of felines stand out from all the others? A glance inside of Jason Hamilton’s newest adult coloring book, Knitting, Kittens & Cats, answers this.

As a follow up to his wildly popular Cats & Quilts coloring book, Knitting, Kittens & Cats gives us a huge assortment of cats and kittens of various breeds and appearance, with such realistic precision, one could easily be fooled into thinking these are photographs rather than drawings. Each whisker and tuft of fur is placed so perfectly, the cats within these pages seem to jump right out of the book and into your lap, purring for just a bit of your colorful touch!

The inspiration behind Hamilton’s latest book if fairly straightforward: his mother has a tender love for cats and keeps many of them well-fed on her Midwestern farm. The cats are typically rescues that were abandoned by their original families. The knitting inspiration comes from Jason’s wife, who not only spends hours on end knitting, but also spins her own yarn. The visual image from this description lends itself to imagining a playground for cats and kittens having a wonderful time chasing the strings dangling from balls of yarn!

Colorists of all skill levels can enjoy this family-friendly book. While the images are realistic in features, they provide plenty of room for creativity. The cats can be any colors you choose! There are 24 full page illustrations and a bonus section full of the same 24 images made smaller, to use as cards or however you wish! Also included is a page with illustrations from some of his previous books, as well as a “This book belongs to” illustration page (this is always my favorite thing to color as soon as I get a new coloring book).

The book itself is glue-bound paperback, with the images placed single-sided on 60-pound weight paper. This paper is great for coloring with nearly any medium, and since the images are only on one side of each page, there is no worry about harming an image on the other side. If using wet mediums such as markers or watercolors, it is recommended to use a “blotter” or a few extra blank pieces of paper in between the pages to protect the next image in the book. You can also scan each page to print and color on the paper of your choice (ie. cardstock).

Jason Hamilton has kindly given us an extra copy of Knitting, Kittens & Cats to be given away to one lucky reader! Watch the Color On! Magazine’s Facebook page for details on how to enter!

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Thank you, this is a great review! I love coloring, it’s a new hobby for me. I have been knitting since I was 14 yrs old and this book has combined all of my loves together!

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