Is The Coloring Market Collapsing?

By Anisa Claire

The adult coloring world came out with a bang back in 2015. It’s been two years and, inevitably, things have slowed down a little bit. Like any major fad, it won’t stay climbing forever. It has to eventually level out and, possibly, even drop. That’s not a bad thing and here’s why…
Better Selection – Yes, you read that right. More doesn’t always mean better. In the beginning, everyone who owned a pencil rushed to get a book out. This, of course, flooded the market and it flooded it with a lot of garbage. Many books in major retail stores were starting to look exactly the same. You could tell the images were rushed with not much thought put into them.
As the dust settles, artists who were in it to make a quick buck are exiting the arena as fast as they entered. The ones who are passionate about it have stuck it through and are likely in it for the long haul.  That’s not to say there aren’t still poor quality books out there because there are, but the unique art now stands a better chance.
The Frenzy is Over – We all went a little crazy in the buying department because it was new to us. Now that the frenzy is over, we know what we like, who we like, and where we want to spend our money.
It’s Easier to Connect with Artists – Self-publishing, to the extent Amazon offers, is relatively new. It allows artists to produce their work on their terms without having to rely on the traditional route. These artists are often quite interactive with their audiences and are much easier to reach on a personal level.
Aside from the reasons listed above, adults have actually been coloring all along. It’s just they haven’t had ‘adult-themed’ books until recently. I am one of those adults who used to endlessly search the kid’s section to find coloring books that weren’t totally covered in giant purple dinosaurs or cartoon princesses.
So, don’t fret. I don’t think we’ll be headed back to the pre-coloring days anytime soon. Bust out those markers and keep on keeping on.

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