Imaginative Colouring

By Deb Rucinski.

Imaginative Colouring by Xenia E. Zilli

Paper back
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
Glue bound on left
51 Single sided illustrations
Paper weight varies by region where printed.

Xenia is a woman of many talents. She is a gifted and award winning illustrator and an artist in fine art and graphic design. She is a photographer and fine art restorer. Her work is loved by many and in private collections around the world. She has a wide variety of interests, which is shown in the diverse art that she creates. A few of her interests are nature, animals, gardening, architecture, books, and photography. Her illustrations are a combination of hand drawn, digital drawings, PSP effects, as well as greyscale coloring books created from her own personal photographs.

Imaginative Colouring, Special Edition 1 was created for colorists of all ages. This is not your typical coloring book. This book includes not only regular coloring pages, but also coloring craft projects such as, greeting cards, posters, bookmarks and gift tags. The perfect book for a family to sit and color together. Illustrations include cats and dogs, mandalas, florals, angel bear, motivational sayings, butterflies, birds, dream catchers, seasonal illustrations, etc. It also includes a whopping 51 pages to color, instead of her normal 31.

There is something for everyone in this book. The cover is in a nice, calming periwinkle blue, with white and black. The illustration lines are dark and clean. There is plenty of white space surrounding the designs to make removal easy for framing or coloring. The images are single sided, but on the back is a description of what the following page is, whether just a title or some ideas on how to do the crafts.  I would like to see the title or ideas on the back of the correlating page, not a facing page, but that is a personal preference. Most of the designs are detailed but not so intricate that it would be a hardship for those with vision or dexterity issues.

The paper weight varies depending on the region you live and where it is printed. It will vary between 90-120 gsm. As far as I can tell, in the USA, it is 55 lb / 90 gsm, which is pretty standard for adult coloring books. In other countries it is a bit heavier. For this weight of paper, you can use most coloring medium. Make sure if using markers, you use a couple pages of paper behind the one you are coloring to prevent bleed through damage to the next page. Water should be used sparingly, as it will normally create a bit of page buckling.

Other pages include: copyright, dedication, social media links, titles of other books, colorist name page, and acknowledgments.

This book is suitable for all ages.

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