How to Create a Tie Dye Effect to Your Background


By Tina Pankuch

Materials you will need:
Black Widow pencil SC51 Blue Heaven (From Edition 2000SC Scorpion)
Black Widow pencil SC53 Deep Purple  (From Edition 2000SC Scorpion)
(Note: any wax pencil will work for this)
Derwent Inktense pencil Sea Blue #1200
Derwent Inktense pencil Sun Yellow #0200
Derwent Inktense pencil Fuchsia #0700
Derwent Inktense pencil Deep Indigo #1100
You will also need good quality paper for use with water. I use Georgia-Pacific Premium Card Stock 110 pound 92 bright. You can get it at Walmart very cheap.
Step #1
Using the Black Widow pencil SC51 Blue Heaven, draw whatever design you want on the background. The darker the color, the more transparent the image will be. I used a light coating for my design.
Step #2
Now color in the background using your Derwent Inktense pencil #1200 Sea Blue. Go over the designs you colored in lightly, and leave the area around the steps uncolored, for now.
Step #3
Using the water-brush, and working in small areas at time, activate the Inktense. Pull color back and forth into areas that look lighter. It does not have to be perfect at this point.
Grab the Inktense Sun yellow #0200 and Fuchsia #0700, and color different areas of the picture that seem lighter, not as blended, or anywhere you would like color.
Step #5
Activate the color with your water-brush.
Step #6
Now color in that blank area at the bottom using your Black Widow SC53 Deep Purple. 
Step #7
Now you’re going to paint with your Inktense #1100 Deep Indigo. Scribble some color onto a scrap piece of paper and pick up the color with your water-brush. You can grab more color, or dilute color as needed this way. Make sure you clean the brush when changing colors!
Step #8
Paint the area connecting your Deep Purple and Sea Blue section. Once it dries you can always go back and add more color if needed. 
Step #9
Use step 7 to darken the purple area around the hill for shadowing and depth.
Step #10 and #11
Use step 7 to add shadowing around the moon and clouds. Again, you can go back and add more Deep Indigo to these areas as needed if you feel it doesn’t look dark enough. Play around and get a feel for what effect you like!
Steps #12 and #13
Using a scrap paper again, paint some Inktense Sun Yellow #0200 to the area for the lantern light. You can also add some yellow to the moon, if you wish. Now is also the time to go back and add any more Fuchsia, Sun Yellow, or Deep Indigo to the sky. It’s best to complete all the Inktense work before the picture dries, as it blends better.
Step #14
Let the picture COMPLETELY dry before doing anything more. Then finish up by using your Black Widow SC53 Deep purple pencil to do some more blending where the blue and purple meet so it looks smooth. 
Step #15
Finish up the rest of the picture any way you like! You can use this same technique using different colors for a variety of effects, and use any design with the Blue Heaven pencil to get an even more tie dyed look. Experiment and have fun!

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