Hello April and May


We are finally back and operational and we have a beautiful double issue ready for you to download right now! Stephanie and I apologize immensely for the inconvenience of our website crashing for as long as it did, and we sincerely appreciate the patience and understanding we have received from most all of you. The last thing we ever want to do is let our subscribers or contributing artists down. Stephanie has worked tirelessly in the background explaining the situation, as I was unable to assist her while I dealt with the website crash and my own personal health issues of being in a cluster cycle.

Color On! has been around now for going on four years and we hope to be here for many more. We have had a few ups and downs over the years, but overall, the content, support and enthusiasm has been consistently positive on all sides. We hope to have another awesome year moving forward.

Let’s Color On!

Anisa Claire and Stephanie Anders

We have a huge issue for you with images from artists Alena Lazareva, Anisa Claire, Color’n’Chics, C Pensky, Dawn Denise Boyer, Deanna Davoli, Hannah Lynn, Irene Aretia, Lesley Smitheringale, Lynette Hansen-McNamara, Raen Art, Robin Gulack, Sabine van Ee, and Sherry Watkins.

Thanks to our great team for this awesome issue. Kim Bussey, Larry Pierce, Melissa Pierce, and Travis Baribeau you put the spring in our steps!

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