Hello April


Spring is finally here! As we step over the empty chocolate wrappers of yesterday and try to run with glee towards it’s open arms, some of us slip and fall on the wet ground left from last week’s sudden drop of snow. This time of year is really tricky. Yes, the joke is on us. Winter is really throwing a last  tantrum or two on his way out.

No worries, we have a great issue to keep you occupied as those lovely spring temps begin to rise. Nashana Webb is our feature artist for April. She’s drawn five exclusive images for us that we know you will love. We also have images from contributing artists Collette Fergus, Jeanette Wummel, Kelly Horton, Kim White, Mariya Kovalyov, and Neetika Agaral.

Thank you Alex Whisman, Kim Bussey, Larry Pierce, Melissa Pierce, and Travis Baribeau for putting the spring into our step and making this a great issue!

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