Gift and Treat Boxes

By Stephanie Anders

Giving away home baked goods at holidays is a wide spread tradition. Many use decorative baskets or even purchase special boxes or tins to give these gifts. Why not make it a little more personal? Paper Mache  boxes now come in many different sizes, shapes, and even sets. They are super easy to decorate and best yet, you can utilize some of those colored pages you have setting in a drawer or folder.

Some holiday cookie treats come in stacking boxes all tied up with a ribbon. Each box offering a different flavor of candy or cookie. This year I want to make my own, and I want to look super crafty when I give these baked gifts away!

This square set of stacking boxes is perfect for baked goods or gifts. I didn’t go so traditional on the coloring of my boxes because it is my hope they will later be used in home decor or as memory boxes to the recipient. Shh, my second eldest has no clue these are for her and yellow is her favorite color.  Craft paint, Mod Podge, and colored images are all you need to create this crafty gift idea. Embellish with glitter or anything else your creative mind brings forth.

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