Fun Halloween Decorations

By Stephanie Anders

I’m back this month continuing my mission to start utilizing coloring images in crafts that become part of my home decor or future holiday gifts. Paper-mache box sets really interest me. This set of coffin stacking boxes have caught my eyes several times. This year I decided to quit staring at them and get busy on them.

Amazon does carry some awesome craft products because a lot of the large craft retailers sell through Amazon. Be sure you check their official websites because sometimes there are price differences between their site and Amazon’s site. The coffin boxes were a few cents cheaper on Amazon.

Patterned, colorful, eye grabbing boxes were my intent, so I colored some pattern coloring pages from our own October 2015 and August 2016 issues. Drag out that collection of coloring books you have. You might already have something suitable in your collection.

Color your images and then scan them to your computer and print off a few copies for your boxes. For this project I did not line the insides of the boxes, I painted them in coordinating colors. Grab your Mod Podge and scissors and get to work. There are several videos and tutorials out there for Mod Podge to apply decorative paper to boxes. Get creative in your search using terms such as “decorating paper-mache boxes, decorating hat boxes, etc.”. It’s still a hit and miss struggle for me finding creative ways to cut paper to match the outsides of the box shapes, but I am learning and having a great time.

You can find a lot of unfinished Halloween craft items that you can use your colored images on. Witch hats, coffin trays, and even block words. All you need is a little paint, some Mod Podge,  and your colored images and you have holiday decorations with that personal touch that become family favorites.

The framed colored image in my Halloween setting is from our October 2016 issue. Drawn by artist Jenny Luan and colored by Deb Rucinski.

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