Easy Backgrounds With EzyShaid Pigments – Part 2

By Alex Whisman

Welcome back! In my first article, published in the February issue of Color On, I talked about making easy backgrounds with EasyShaid pigment powders.  We covered how to make simple, vibrant backgrounds and how to blend EzyShaid on your page.

There are different ways to add texture to your pictures, however, they are best used on print-outs.  You may be able to use it in some books, but I suggest this only after you have experimented with the technique so you don’t use too much water on your books and that you test a small area on the title page before you apply it to your whole page in case the paper doesn’t do well with adding the water.

Once applied, the pigments will be fragile, so you will need to seal these with a fixative to better protect them after you finish colouring your picture.

Texturing your backgrounds:

One way you can texture your background is by tipping your EzyShaid onto your picture and lightly spritzing it with water.  You want to use a spray bottle with a fine mist.  I use a specific atomiser for EzyShaid.

It is best to add background texture before you colour.  This is especially important if you use water colour pencils or water-based pens which might smear or run in contact with water.  Spray lightly and let it fully dry before colouring.

I used different coloured Shaids to create a quilt-like background in Cristin Frey’s “Eat, Sleep, Color, Repeat” banner from the September 2016 Color On issue.

I tipped the colours out randomly around the page and then spritzed the page lightly with water.  In this image I had coloured with gel pens, so I spritzed with water after I had coloured it.  My gel pens didn’t run when I did this picture, but in general I would texturize my backgrounds before colouring if I was using my water colour pencils or fine tipped pens to be safe.

Texturing and Blending

You can combine texturing and blending techniques for your backgrounds.  In this picture from the February 2017 Color On issue by GT Artland I used 4 different EzyShaid colours, an EzyShaid atomiser bottle and brush.


I tipped black Shaid (#10190) around the outside of my picture. I spritzed a little bit of water onto my brush and dabbed the damp brush onto the black powder around my page.  I spritzed the brush lightly occasionally when it seemed to dry off and just spread the dry powder around. I rinsed and mostly dried my brush.  I tipped some dark blue Shaid (#10161) along the inside area next to and a little into the black. I repeated the spritzing and dabbing with the dark blue Shaid.  I dabbed some of the dark blue into the black to blend.  I rinsed and mostly dried my brush again.



I put yellow Shaid (#10140) down close to the image to create a glow (I probably should have done this first if I had thought of it!).  I rubbed it in dry, no water.

I finished with the medium blue (#10162).  I tipped it along the edge of the dark blue, again spritzing the brush and dabbing, blending it into the darker blue.

Some yellow rubbed off as I coloured my picture, but when I finished I touched up the glow and sealed it with fixative.

The more I use it, the more I love the results I get with my EasyShaid.  I expanded my artist’s set and now have Under the Sea and Jungle extender sets and some Shimmers.  I am still experimenting with using the Shimmers, but I am excited to see what I can create with them.

 Since March 2016, I have coloured 36 pictures using Sue Jordan’s EzyShaid products.  I get compliments when I post them.  I love how versatile it is.  I have an easy way to make unique backgrounds.

The more I use it, the more I love the results I get with my EasyShaid. I started adding water to the Shaid pigments to see what effects I could create.  Adding texture to my backgrounds has brought another stunning dimension to my pictures.

If you are interested in EzyShaid check Sue Jordan’s EzyShaid Facebook page.  She has videos and tutorials here: https://www.facebook.com/suescraftobsessions/

She has a Facebook page where people post their creations made with EzyShaid at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1211796638831690



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