Confessions of a Marker Junkie


By Stephanie Anders

Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am addicted to buying markers. I recently acquired a new set of markers. It was a 72 piece set of the Prismacolor Markers, and I didn’t get the full range of colors that the company produces, so I decided to print a color chart and mark off the ones I have. I thought since it is black Friday I’ll just buy some of the colors I don’t have while they are on sale.

What I discovered after making the color chart and comparing it to the open stock sale of the colors I don’t yet have is that I already own all the best colors. All the colors I thought I would want I actually had. I saved myself some money by not buying duplicate markers and it all boiled down to the color chart I took the time to fill out. I’ve always passed by color charts of any kind when browsing the web for coloring related things. I thought I didn’t need to go through that process because I knew what I had in colors. I have definitely changed my opinion of marker charts.

I began searching the web for other blank marker charts. While browsing and looking at all the uncolored and colored charts offered, I realized that although I may not have every color that each marker manufacter produces in their sets, I do have, across multiple sets, every color I could ever want. So, this is my new process now. I am printing off every chart that I can find for markers and fine liners and making charts. Oh yeah, I’m a fine liner junkie as well.

So take some time to do a web search and print off those color charts for your brand of makers, gel pens, and pencils. It just might save you some money and change your way of thinking about the supplies that you already own. I found that I actually already had the treasure of color that I was seeking.


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