Coloring Book Review: Fairy Fantasy by Jason Hamilton

Coloring Book Review: Fairy Fantasy by Jason Hamilton

When I received the parcel of books from author and artist Jason Hamilton, I was giddy with excitement. I knew what the subject of his book was ahead of time – fairies! This is a subject I’m very fond of, and one that I love to color. But when I opened the book to see the pages, I was overcome with complete and utter awe! Not only is Jason’s artistic style exceptionally captivating, but the ethereal precision with which he creates his perfect lines is jaw-dropping!

Having spoken with Jason, I learned that he uses a tablet and pen to draw his art. With this, he is able to achieve perfectly clean lines and minute details that won’t lose quality during printing. This gives his fairies and florals precise definition and clarity. Page by page, you can notice the minute details, and even the most scrupulous eyes would be hard-pressed to find any errors or “fuzzy” lines. I’ve included a photo of some details that are so extremely fine, a basic colored pencil would miss the outlines! This kind of quality art means that the artist has put extensive care and vigilance into creating this book, and it shows!

The cover of the book features a beautiful, purple-haired fairy with giant, veined wings. The image appears to be partially colored, to invite the colorist to come in and color this their own way. In the first few pages of the book, there is a place for the colorist to enter their name and date for keepsake. There is also a page with a message from Jason about the book, about his other books, and about his artistic gifts. It’s an inviting message to open up the rest of the book and enter his world of fairies!

Regardless of which page you flip to first, you’re greeted with an extravagant picture of a fairy who is nothing less than stunning. The pictures themselves are excellent for colorists of all ages and experience levels because they have some larger, open areas as well as some very intricate areas. The wings on a fairy may be large and solid, where the colorist could use creative shading. However the floral areas behind the fairy may be extremely detailed and intricate, where the colorist would need patience and a steady hand to color them as they see fit.

Some of the fairies in this book find themselves in peculiar situations, such as a nymph being chased by a giant bumble bee! This adds to the fun element of coloring, and you can dream up a story behind the picture while you color.

Buyers get more than just a coloring book – this book contains 24 full-size images, 7 bonus pages featuring 4×6” images suitable for framing, and 5 pages with zoomed-in images for even more coloring enjoyment.

Jason Hamilton is an art hobbyist who uses drawing as a recovery tool from his stressful software engineering career. Because of his extensive technical knowledge and artistic talent, Jason has published four adult coloring books including the wildly popular bestseller Cats and Quilts. He helped to create and publish the artist compilation book The Adult Coloring Book Treasury, and has even found time to write a book titled How to Self Publish an Adult Coloring Book on CreateSpace.

You can learn more about Jason and his incredible talent by visiting his website at
As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Jason sent us several copies of his new book, so we will be giving away two copies of Fairy Fantasy this month! Stay tuned at the Color On Magazine’s Facebook page for details (!

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