Coloring: A New Hobby for Men.

By Larry Pierce



A couple of years ago my wife came to me talking about Adult Coloring, and like the man I am, I heard about every third word and went back to binge watching my favorite show (which is Doctor Who, if you’re wondering, David Tenant is the best). It wasn’t until several months later that I began to see a change in my wife’s demeanor.  She wasn’t as stressed, she was a little happier and there seemed to be a little more hitch in her giddy-up.  That got me to thinking. I thought to myself, “Self, (and I know it was me because I checked my underwear and sure enough it said Larry) you could use some of that de-stressing and happiness”.

So, I started watching my wife and listening to her more intently, which means I turned off the TV. She would show me her work, talk about the different techniques that she used, and tell me about the various Facebook groups dedicated to this new world of Adult Coloring. After being hesitant because, well because not a lot of men color, I decided to give it a go.  I started on a simple picture for my first time, had to take it easy because it had been about 100 years since I held a colored pencil, and even then my kindergarten teacher wasn’t sure I was cut out for coloring.  It took me a couple of hours to finish that first picture, and I didn’t want to show it to anyone but my wife. She convinced me that it wasn’t half bad and maybe, just maybe I should share it to one of the smaller groups, you know, test the waters.

Well we did share it, and you know what? The comments were all positive, which surprised me because I expected more pitchforks, lit torches, and angry villagers, but instead there was feedback, positive feedback.  Apparently coloring knows no gender, no ethnicity, and no preconceived ideas of who should or should not be coloring. I started to notice that I was not the only man coloring. In fact, there were tens of guys (it was still early in the craze) out there putting color to paper and seemingly enjoying it.

Well that was all I needed to get me going, that and an Amazon Prime account. My wife started buying me books here and there, pencils of all shapes and sizes, and she convinced me that I should branch out and check out the different groups on Facebook devoted to Adult Coloring.  So here we are a year or so later, several different coloring groups in my Facebook favorites list and now I can say without a doubt that coloring isn’t just for one gender or the other, coloring isn’t just something that kids, or ladies do, coloring is something we all should do at least once a week.  Stressed, color… Bored, color… Nothing on the magic picture box, color… Man, definitely COLOR!!

Below are two pictures from a couple of my favorite books, the first one, which I like to call Rastafarian Skull, is from Chris Dyer’s Kick-A**(censored for your protection) Coloring Book and the second is from Alan Robert’s The Beauty Of Horror, which by the way, for you horror junkies like myself,  the sequel is coming soon.

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