Colorful Bubbles

By Debra Schroeder

What you need:

Your pick of pastels you wish to use (I like to use all the rainbow of colors)
White pastel
White gel pen
Glitter gel pen
(If wanting a colored background for your picture, have that handy as well)

Step one-

First you want to decide on the color of your background for the picture you’re coloring (With this effect even leaving your background white works. If wanting to have a colored background it’s best to use a marker or colored pencils for your base color.) For my example, I wanted a black background for my picture so I just used a black sharpie and colored my bubble that first.

Step two-

Next grab the color pastels you chose to use for the marble look (again I like using a rainbow, but you can choose any amount of colors you wish and any colors you prefer), and color your bubble randomly with those colors. Blend those colors together; I just use my finger to blend pastels most the time.
Step three-

Next if the picture you chosen has the highlight for the bubble drawn for you (as my example does) you want to go with your white pastel opposite that highlight and color lightly from that edge of the bubble towards the center of the bubble but fading out the white you’re coloring as you get towards the center of the bubble. (If the picture you chose doesn’t have the highlight on the bubble just pick one side of the bubble, and do the same thing; you can add the highlight yourself later.) Blend that into your bubble as well. This adds that 3D look to your bubble.
Step four-

Now we are ready for our gel pen accents. If your bubble has the highlight, I always like to go over that highlight with a white gel pen to make it pop again. If your bubble does not have the highlight, you can add that highlight on the opposite end of the bubble from where you added the white pastel.

Step five-

Finally now all we need to do is accent the outer edge of our bubble. Take the same white gel pen you used for your highlight spot on the bubble and edge half the outer edge of your bubble with the white gel pen opposite the side of your highlight. The other half outer edge of the bubble you want to take a glitter gel pen (silver glitter gel pen works too) and do the same thing you did with the white gel pen to the other side.This is how I color marble bubbles! Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!

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